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I love that my nipples are hard all the time ? The stares are fun! (F27)

Imagine if I had the motivation to tone up at the gym! ? (F27)

STILL not over the new color! (F) ?

New Gear! ? (F27)

Just another tit photo; youre welcome! (F27)

Happy Belated Birthday to me! (27F) ?

Wishing it was cock instead (F) ?

I need to be stretched in all the right places! ? (F)

Feeling Naughty? (F)

I should wear this to the next kareoke night! (F)

Choke Me Against This Wall and Kiss Me Like You Mean It (F)

(F) Where does your tongue go first? ?

Missing you tonight... (F)

I make a great pillow! (F)

Dont mind me; Im just being an attention hoe ? (F)

Mark me up in all the right places πŸ˜‰ (F)

Do you like to pull to them to the side or off? (F)

Needs a tongue ? deep inside (F)

My (F)riends Fiance (M) got a good mark on me last night

(F)or the ones who said they wanted my new dildo in my vagina 12 days ago!

My boyfriend likes it when I post. Her is a photo of him banging me last night. (M&F)

Hubby got me new toys! Where should I test them out (f)irst?

(F) Sometimes the sun must shine here ?✨️

(F) Good morning, freeselfshotgirls! ?

I havent played with this in a while. (F)

(F) Back when I still had my nipples pierced; I kind of miss them honestly. ?

(F) Just waiting.. might as well get off while I do so.

I love (f)lashing in the parking lot! I mean, what else am I supposed to do while I wait? β˜€οΈ

(F)uck you... I try so hard and you abuse my trust everytime...

For the secret admirer, at work, that wrote "I love you" on my cup in the breakroom. ? (F24)

Gotta love new soft panties (F)

(F) Crouched in sneakers ?

Hello there, didnt see you, pardon me while I take (F)lashy photos in this public bathroom.

So glad these clothes are off now! Time for the WEEKEND!! (F)

No one knew I had a surprise all day! (F)

(F) When you have monster changes coming in life? Who has time to shave? Not me! ?

(F)eeling myself today! ?

(F) When bored? Post to freeselfshotgirls.

Mah ass (F)

Im ready (f)or you. πŸ˜‰

Sorry (f)or the wait! Trying and modeling one of my new booty plugs! Heavier than I thought; thats not a bad thing though ☺️?

Getting my (f)irst booty plugs in the mail today! Who wants to see me model one in another post later? Let me know! πŸ˜‰

Have an a(f)ternoon pick me up. πŸ˜‰

(F)risky Friday ?

Husband! Please, give me vigorous shower fucking tonight a(f)ter the baby goes down for bed! Thanks! ❀

Hello (F)ans!

(F) When on a shaving break, but still wanna post.

Cant sleep. Photo (f)rom the other day.

(F) May I have a seat?

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