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Its the best (f)eeling when you find new artists to enjoy ?

New hair, who dis? ????? (F)

I could behave but whats the use? So help me, lord, I got to cut loose, and I try and I try, try, try and I try to do right, but I got trouble in mind (F) ??

Do you ever just have one o(f) those amazing days where you get great news and nothing can pull your mood down for the rest of the day? Those are the best days!

Great news (f)olks, I finally made time to enjoy another nice long bath- its been far too long!!

Some people pay (f)or therapy, I find it in the sheets

Start to pay mysel(f) some more attention A motherf*cker of my invention Im just sayin, "You wanna win? Start playin" ?

Are you team delayed gratification or team immediate satis(f)action?

Can you spot my (f)avourite body spray? ?

I think its nearly time (f)or a new shiny addition, time to plan what piercing is next

Tomorrow is going to be a bliss(f)ul day, I just know it ?

Out o(f) curiosity, whats your most creative hobby? ?

I know exactly what the (f)irst thing you noticed was. Youre right- I did get a new shower curtain ?

A reminder to pretty please be kind to retail staff this brown (f)riday

Theres nothing you can give her that she hasnt already got. While you might think youve caught her, youve blown your only shot ? (F)

Theyll take you in, and spit you out. Youre only worth how much you sell ? (Im kidding though, I dont have an O(F)/selling platform)

A very monster thank you to (f)riends who lower stress levels ??

The worst thing happened to me a(f)ter this bath!! I realized I was all out of bath bombs for next time ?

(F)eeling pampered with a bath bomb combo that looks like gold champagne ??

Hands down, the best antidote to (f)rustration because of coworkers is tub time!

"Ooh, she real cute, she (f)ine" -me being my own hype teen ?

Bedtime (f)or this miss, sweet dreams yall ?

Last night was the per(f)ect time for a bubble bath

Its been (f)ar too long since my libido and social interaction battery could synch up ?

Is it bad that Ive given up trying with witty titles and now just default to lyrics I like? (F)??

Le(f)tover breakfast, cereal for lunch, shes broken, but shes fun ? (and also she drinks more coffee than she should)

This is a (f)riendly but stern reminder to folks to please be kind and respectful if youre going to send a message, posters dont owe you anything, and we are in fact human beings who deserve kindness and respect. ?

To steal a line from the most plaintive ghost ever, "It took Cedric ages to riddle it out. Almost all the bubbles were gone..." ? (F)

We were sippin on moonlight, drinking champagne, a couple (f)reaks in the purple rain ?

I know, I know... ANOTHER bath picture! Im sorry, I just love my tub time ? (F)

Not sure i(f) this low angle is my thing, but no harm in trying something new

She aint a killer, but shed (f)ucking blow your head off

Temptation is a (f)eeling that you find when you’re near me

Wont you hold me like the sky holds blue ? (F)

If it wasnt clear yet, fssg is my go to sub. Yall are lovely ? (F)

Waiting for the day we someone can make me say "I wish we never (f)ucked, and I mean that" (But not really, you say the nastiest shit in bed and it’s fuckin’ awesome)

If youd grab my hand, where would you take me? (F)

Sugar sweet and she got a peach on it ? (F)

We all agree OF (f)olks flooding subs with lazy, copy-paste, blanket marketing captions is annoying as hell right? Please apply this thinking to lazy/copy-paste/blanket PMs -especially from blank prifiles- thanks ?

What songs have you lovely (f)olks been vibing to lately? Ive been really enjoying Ashnikko, but its definitely not to everyones tastes!

Im no sweet dream, but Im a hell o(f) a night ?

Does anybody know of a subfreeselfshotgirls dedicated to bath nudes? I think I would (f)eel right at home

Im curious to know, how tall do all the (f)olks on my favourite subfreeselfshotgirls think it am?

Is two baths in two days too many? (F)

Self care because Im working too many days in a row. Can you all help too? Please tell me something that lifted your spirits this week! (F)

Would you say these are pink underwear or ebony underwear? ?? (F)

This is how to properly wear a robe, right? (F)

He says he wants a nice girl, Im that (f)uck up your life girl... ?

I wish more (f)olks spread positivity, so Im here to do my part. I hope you had a great day, you deserve it!

(F) A long hard day, too bad it wont also be a long hard night *wink wink*

Low light isnt as (f)lattering as daylight, but I like this anyways

Please accept this as a thank you (f)or being such a welcoming and kind community

(Small) curves (f)or days

(F) The only thing more classic than a thin black dress is a tiny brown thong

The best way to delay starting your day is taking nudes (F)

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