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What do you call a kinky dinosaur? A Doyouhaveasoreass ? (f)

I don’t know what’s happening but somethings starting to tingle (F)

Have a great day my fellow SW lovers ❤️ (f)

Not sure which side I wanna be on but I do like a good spanking (f)

Empire Strikes Back will always be my (f)avorite

Wanna Slytherin? ? (f)

A Peek-achu if you will (f)

Looking for a MCU show to binge, what’s your (f)avorite?

Ready for boarding and maybe for a duel (f)

Don’t let me distract you just look at the pretty lightsaber (f)

Hopefully you’d spank some spidey rear ?(f)

My spidey senses aren’t the only thing tingling (F)

Cum over to the ebony side (f)

Your little Star Wars lover (F)

(F)or the love of Mary Jane, bend me off and let’s shoot some webs

Sundays are for Star Wars and Star Wars related activities (f)

How many Jedi’s does it take to screw in a lightsaber? Obi-Wan ☝?(F)

(F)uck, marry, kill: Cat woman, Black Widow and Wonderman?

Spidey needs the sticky stuf(f)?

Spider-Man: Cum Home (F)

Is it possible to own too many lightsabers ? Asking for a (f)riend

Star Wars and short skirts (F)

“That’s America ass” butt not (f)eatured

Come watch Marvel movies with me? (f)

Only referring to the Death Star I promise (F)

Look at the size of that thing (F)

Thwip thwip (f)

My spidey senses aren’t the only thing tingling right now (F)

Let’s go to Endor (F)

Which website did Chewbacca get arrested (f)or creating? Wookieleaks

Come over to the dark side, I’ll share my cookies (F)

Let’s have a Marvel webcam marathon (f)

Let’s explore the Galaxy together (F)

Would you let me play with you Lightsaber ? (F)

What do you get when Iron Man takes off his suit? Stark undressed (F)

Which Avenger is the most trustworthy? The Credible Hulk (F)

Would you use the (F)orce on me?

Got a new Star Wars T-shirt and knew I had to share it here (f)irst

Show me your lightsaber, no like the ones that light up (F)

Go ahead use the (F)orce on me

Maybe you’ll come over to the ebony side (F)

Take me to Tatooine? (F)

Would you like to Slytherin? Because you can put your basilisk in my Chamber of Secrets (F)

Planning a Star Wars cosplay soon so Rey, Princess Leia or Padme? (F)

Get out. I need to go to my mind palace!(F)

Currently searching for my own Han Solo (F)

Winter is coming and hopefully so am I (F)

It’s a Peek-a-chu (F)

Conveniently placed Pikachu (F)

I’m looking to awaken the (F)orce

Willing to let you play with Grogu as long as you play with me first (F)

What do you call a pirate droid? ARR-2 D2 (F)

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