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An old photo, but thought Id share... (F)

Just one more 😉 (F)

(F)or those asking...

Period needy... is that a thing or am I just a beauty mess? (F)

I cant help mysel(f) today...

I do love (f)eeling full...

I just love playing... with shadows! 😉 (F)

Ive been naughty... 😉 (F)

When Im moody and needy... (F)

Tied by the Sun (F)

Needs a bit o(f) love 😉

The sun was so good I couldnt keep away... (F)

Just a bit needy... (F)

I just might be naughty today... in secret 😉 (F)

Just a quick one (f)or my cake day 😉

Help me be productive today ? (F)

Can I please skip work and be played with? (F)

Can you tell its a bit sore and used? I want to it to be per(f)ect for him again...

Ive been needy o(f) being used like the teen that I secretly am...

Cum cuddle me... (F)

(F)eeling low and tired... thought fssg might cheer me up!

fssg is a great stress relie(f) 😉

Okay.. one more 😉 (F)

Just a quick hello 😉 (F)

freeselfshotgirls escape (f)rom reality

I have some making up to do... (F)

Have a good one 😉 (F)

Ready (f)or you...

I was a good babe 😉 (F)

Would you wake me up? (F)

Help me stay wet (f)or Sir? ?

Oh well... I might as well post since I am procrastinating with everything (F)

Its been too long... (F)

cant stay away (F)

My twat has been (f)illed for hours ?

Is it bad that cumming alone just does not (f)eel as good as being made to cum anymore...

I honestly love being (f)ull...

Just a bit o(f) motivation as I work...


Stuck in girl mode ??(F)

Im sorry i(f) this is a bit too much... But I thought youd like to see how I relapsed 😉

Im being naughty ?? (F)

When I dont have anyone to use me... ? (F)

A thank you post (f)or all those nice messages I got ?

Gained some weight? still (F)uckable?

I wish I was able to spend the day being used ? (F)

Here, you can see better maybe ?(F)

Moody, nervous, snappy... maybe I just need to be (f)ucked ?

Happy New Year ?? (F)

Im sick and needy ? (F)

Stay and play secretly or go out and drink again ?(F)

One more 😉 (F)

This is how slutty I (f)elt yesterday

Sorry (f)or the mess ?

I do love being (f)ull...

I am so fucking needy... Just imagining someone taking me makes me wet ? (F)

Im in the mood (f)or some snuggling ?

About to roll one up... Afterward I have 2 options, office or play ?(F)

Wake and bake with me? ? (F)

He got me all (f)risky...

Should I stay or should I go ? (F)

Peek a boob ? (F)

just a bit ? (F)

Went to the store like this... yeap still needy (F)

I get so needy every PMS cycle ? (F)

So (f)ucking sore...

Anyone want to join me for a puf(f)?

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