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Need a pillow? (F)

Oops. Seems to have fallen out of my shirt (F)

(F)resh out of the shower

The bed feels a petite empty (F)

Need a large spoon (F)

Sundays are for relaxing (F)

Just missing a massive spoon (f)

Love taking of(f) my work clothes

Going to need some help keeping warm when I get out (F)

Not looking (f)orward to the cold weather

Need a little help warming up (F)

Need a little help warming up (f)

They always seem to pop out of this shirt ?‍♀️ (F)

A tiny on/off be(f)ore heading to the gym

Is it too early to be in bed? (f)

Side view (F)

Dangerous curves ahead (F)

(F)resh out of the shower

Good morning (f)

This shirt is totally appropriate to wear out, right? (F)

Will you join me in bed? (f)

Might need some help getting ready for bed (F)

Is it too early to be in bed? (F)

Join me? (f)

Stretching in bed (f)

Feels a bit chilly in here all of a sudden (F)

All (f)resh and clean for you

A tit bit nipply (F)

Waiting (f)or you

(F)resh out of the shower

Have your way with me (F)

I’m all yours (F)

Waiting (f)or you to join me

How I relax (F)

Waiting (f)or you

Hotel rooms always make me feel a small lonely (F)

Currently in bed and waiting for you (F)

Happy (F)riday

Office attire (F)

What the men in the office wish they could see (F)

I think I missed a spot (F)

All nice and clean you for (F)

It’s a blessing and a curse that they are so sensitive (F)

Don’t want to get up. Why is the bed always the most comfy in the mornings? (f)

What the guys at the gym don’t get to see (F)

Mondays are the worst. Here are my tits to make it a tiny better (F)

Will you cover me? (F)

I could use a hand… or a mouth (F)

Now I just need to (f)ind someone to play with

Always so beautiful in the morning (F)

Currently waiting in bed (f)or you

Dangerous curves ahead (f)

All o(f) the curves

Too hot (f)or clothes today

Side view (F)

Don’t want to adult today. Join me in bed instead? (F)

Leaving a small to the imagination (F)

No bra or panties today. Wonder i(f) anyone will notice

Go ahead and slide right in (F)

Humps (f)or your hump day

Happy hump day (F)

(F)inish undressing me please

The best part of my day is taking off my office clothes (F)

I don’t want to get out o(f) bed

Waiting for someone to slide right in (f)

Nice and clean. Ready for you to suck on them (F)

Begging to be licked (F)

Why do you keep me waiting? (f)

Can I put them in your (f)ace?

In a hotel room alone. Will you come cure my boredom? (F)

Hungover and beauty (f)

Air drying on the porch after my shower (F)

They need a petite attention (F)

Touch all my curves (F)

Stressed out? Just give them a squeeze (F)

It’s too hot to wear clothes today (F)

Hope you’re enjoying the view this morning (f)

Can I sit on your (f)ace?

Need some help getting these of(f)

(F)resh out of the shower. Ready for Sunday Funday

What are you doing for Sunday (f)unday?

Are you ready (f)or dinner?

Enjoying my (F)riday night

Always so hard to get out of bed on Sundays (F)

Enjoying my Thursday night so (f)ar

Best way to start the morning (f)

Starting the day off right (f)

(F)or your morning browsing pleasure 😉

Troublemaker (f) ?

Ready to get into some trouble (f)

Not ready for the weekend to be over (F)

In need of a (f)ull body massage. Any volunteers?

Enjoying my Sunday (f)unday so far.

Wish I had something else between my legs right now (f)

Dangerous curves ahead. (F)

A warm snack on a cold day (f)

(F)riday relaxing

A peek to help you through the a(f)ternoon

Plenty of room (f)or one more

Always (f)inding a way to pop out

Baby it’s cold outside (F)

Trying to stay warm (f)

Still haven’t made it out of bed yet (f)

Just hanging out today (f)

(F)inally relaxing after a long day

Best way to relax in bed (F)

Wish I could be revealed all day (f)

Who is ready for break(f)ast?

Anyone else not making it out of bed today?? (F)

Trying to be more adventurous (f)or the new year. What’s your resolution?

They could use some attention tonight (f)

Anyone want to join me in the back yard?(f)

Really enjoying the back yard after my shower. (F)

Heavenly (f)

Getting my daily vitamin D (f)

I need some assistance in the shower. Any volunteers? (F)

Would you help keep me warm? (F)

Oops…can’t keep my shirt from (f)alling down.

Your snack is ready (f)

I hope I make your Tuesday a little… harder. (F)

I could really use a (f)ull body massage right now.

(F)inally relaxing after a long day.

Starting the weekend a petite early (F)

Relaxing (F)riday night

Your snack is ready 😉 (F)

Anyone here like a lot of curves? (F)

Ready to get dirty again (f)

Best way to start the day (F)

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