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(F) dive in head first

(F) I need tributes to sleep

(F) no need to waste time

(F) I wish I was covered in your cum

(f) oops

(F) Hoping to come home to tributes

Suck on them? (F)

cum (F)or me?

(F) Dont forget to eat your lunch

(f) impatiently waiting for you

(F) insomnia ?

(F)or the late night crowd

(F)eeling like I need one more twat filled, any takers?

(F) clocking in for the night shift

(F) take me as you please

I (f)eel like I may need some assistance cleaning up

(F) In the mood for a tribute

(F) skirt + crotchless thong = easy access for my master

(F)uck me while your gf fucks my face

(F) Ive accepted my role as a teen

(F)ollowing orders like a good woman

(F) Tongue or dong please, master

(F) I dont think its possible to keep cumming

(F) whats usually under the dress

(F) Please may I have your cock, sir.

(F) here to do the things your partner wont

(F) I like to wear these to office

Can I be your (F)uck toy?

Ready (f)or whatever you want to do to me

Ready (f)or my master. Is it you?

(f) I love a good before/ after collage

Remember (F)ull frontal mirror selfies?

(f)uck me Friday

A simple undressed (f)or you

(F)(m) How the night always ends

A(f)er being dragged back to bed this morning?

Shortly be(f)ore being dragged back to bed …

boy(f)riend is still sleeping ?

your (f)ace goes here

Everyone loves Sunday brunch (f)

There’s something pretty slutty underneath this sweater that I wore to work all day ? (f)

where should he (f)inish next?

(f)ine, I guess I’ll show a tiny more this time 😉

I hope my boy(f)riend sees this

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