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(19f) Another tease...

(19f) Just a petite tease

(19f) Open up my eager eyes

(19f) Your high school sweetheart<3

(19f) I’m a sensitive teen

Since so many of you keep asking, here’s one (f)rom behind 😉

(18f) Let’s have breakfast in bed

(18f) For every kiss you give me, I’ll give you three<3

(18f) This cherry still needs to be popped?

(18f) I have an opened window, an open heart, and a open mind

(18f) Fuck me on this table by the window

(18f) I’m most likely going to go play with myself after this post (;

(18f) Give it to me

(18f) Just a lil something I sent someone before<3

(18f) Can you feel my heart? <3

(18f) Oops I did it again

(18f) A thin sneak peek?

(18f) A petite sneak peek?

Random (f)act about me, I have a thing for boys with horny marks or freckles;)

(18f) Gotta get those angles 😉

Too mild (f)or you?

(18f) My back to school outfit!

(18f) I’m not too young, you’re not too old

(18f) I can’t seem to stop groping myself these days haha

(18f) I think about it 24/7...

(18f) Do you like a tease?

(18f) I’ve been busy thinking about boys..

(18f) Ready to play?

(18f) I like the way my bed sheets look on your body

(18f) My small tits make it easier to hold you close to my heart

(18f) last one for the day?

(18f) Keep it sweet in your memory?

Been (f)eeling pretty wet lately

(18f) Hope you sleep well tonight?

(18f) I love late night snacks

(18f) it’s extra creamy peanut butter;)

(18f) Can you spot the heart?

(18f) Eat your heart out<3

My (f)irst time wearing a thong;)

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