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hmmm... what are you gonna do while i play botw? (f)

Be the 9S to my 2B? (f)

we demand cuddles immediately (f)

you can only pick ONE to cuddle with! :3 (f)

can i be your slave... leia (f)

which one o(f) us do you like most?

me, creeper, and kirby... (f)uck, marry, kill?

boobs or sci-(f)i? why not both!

happy halloweeeeen ? (f)

your slutty, spooky wednesday addams (f) ?

anyone have a crush on wednesday addams? ? (f)

sailor moon all grown up (f)?

(f)lexible sailor moon ?

whos your mommy? ? who else had some sort o(f) sexual awakening from latex velma in scooby doo 2?!

currently reading ? any horror book recs? (f)

tell me a dinosaur (f)act ?

do you like my k.k. slider socks? ? (f)

jinkies! i hope you like my velma ? (f)

jinkies! wanna investigate my ass? ? (f)

thick velma needs to investigate the bulge in your pants ?? (f)

jinkies! i didnt know this is what you had in mind, (f)red ?

lets read our sci-(f)i and cuddle (◍•ᴗ•◍)?

jinkies! i need to investigate the bulge in your pants ? (f)

which joycon colorway you choosing (f)or when I kick your butt in mario kart? 🙂

lets hunt for korok seeds together ⊂(•‿•⊂ )*.✧ (f)

wanna watch me play? (f)

sci-(f)i and chill? 😀

sci-(f)i and chill? 😀

hope I can make you explode tttsssSSSSssss (f)

street (f)ighter looks way different here ??

wanna play street (f)ighter with me? ??

bet I can kill a gold-maned lynel while you go down on me ? (f)

bet I can beat a gold-maned lynel while you go down on me ? (f)

damn are you a korok because id love to collect all your seed ? (f)

this is my application to be your girl(f)riend that lays in bed and plays porn games all day ;D

sundays are (f)or cuddling and movie games, right?

sci-fi with a side o(f) naked woman? 😀

come cuddle with nurse joy? ? (f)

whats your (f)ave joycon colorway?

Koroks are cute but Id much rather have your seed ? (F)

Nurse Joy is gonna drain your (poké)balls... ?(F)

Can I be ur favourite nintendhoe ? (F)

watch me play botw on master mode? (F)

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