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hello! :> happy monday (f23)

my power is still out from a monster storm last night ? (f23)

? oops (f23)

feeling pretty tired but im so happy its friday! what are your weekend plans? 🙂 (f23)

gm ? (f23)

please. (f23)

i miss wearing sundresses (f23)

had a threesome for my birthday!! apparently i have a video pussy? (f23)

i love the way i look in this mirror (f23)

i never show this but ya know..i’ve been here for 4+ years…let’s do it (F22)

no pants sundays (f22) sorry neighbors

back ? (f22)

me? a bar slut? nvrrrrr (f22)

thinkin about playing new vegas again. happy holidays ☺️ (f22)

i don’t wear my glasses very often for you guys! thought you might like them <3 (f) (22)

happy monday <3 (f22)

hips to hold on to (don’t mind the bruising) (F22)

pov: you haven’t come home (f)or dinner yet

thank god it’s friday (f22)

dinner is served (f22)

howdy (f22)

wearing the hours away listening to music, basking in the sun. happy place (f)

this is your (late) reminder that there’s a new season of love death robots on netflix (F22)

what’s your (f)avorite breakfast?

what am i listening to? (f)

july 22 7am (f22)

put your grasses on, we’re reading the new chapter of berserk (f22)

gosh, summers going so (f)ast this year

do i have to go back to work? (F22)

(F) took a bit of a social media vacation! happy to see you ☺️

what game are you grinding right now? (f22)

hello! i’ve been on a hades kick lately. anyone else? (F22)

(f)eelin’ good!

ghosties haha. don’t mind the bruise. its (f)rom work ?

(f)romsoft elden ring protip: make many meaningless messages everywhere. someone will applaud it as good. free health!

don’t let these hips distract you from the (f)act that elden ring is released in 7 days!!

my (f)avorite kind of weather is wet & muddy. so excited for spring!

pre-work nudie. hope it’s okay enough (f)or you ?

(f) ever wonder what’s under the scrubs?

(f) hello! ??

oldie but a goldie! love the light in this, (f)or sure.

anyone else excited (f)or the legend of vox machina release today? i have a whole 8 hour shift before i can be home to binge it :,(

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