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I’m getting in the shower, you should join me (f)

You wake up to this view tomorrow — how do you choose to spend the day? (f)

You said you wanted to bend me over where? (f)

Would you enjoy the view looking down or in the mirror more? (f/m)

I think there’s room for another on this bed (f/m)

Did you miss me? Because I missed flashing off for you (f)

Showers are better with company, would you help me dry off or just make me wetter? (f)

Showers are even better with company, care to join us? (f/m)

I told you to meet me in the shower but you didn’t come and now I’m all wet (f)

Cookies for our cake day ?Cheers to three years of naked pictures and horny people. Now who wants a bite of this cookie? (f/m)

Should I put these back on or would you like to join for another round? (f/m)

Don’t you wish this was how you ended your evening? (f/m)

Who’s awake at this hour to keep me entertained? Everyone who usually does is always asleep ? (f)

Prioritizing pleasure today. Hope you can too? (f/m)

What were you telling me you wanted to do tonight? (f)

Care to come play? I think I’m ready for a (f)ew rounds.

A quick picture while waiting for dinner to be done (f)

Who want to go for a ride next? Or are you ready to take the reins? (f/m)

What would you do to prove you are worthy? I won’t submit or sit like this for just anyone. (f)

Can I go for a ride and take some pictures along the way? (f/m)

It’s more fun to be on the naughty list, you still get dildos (f/m)

Just your average hot and wholesome girl(f)riend, who dreams of trying every naughty thing at least once

Who wants to wake up next to these boobs and what’s your next move when you do? (f)

This rear aims to please and is always pleasantly surprised by the sweet & depraved things you share with me (f)

I’m the nice teen you can bring home for the holidays to do very naughty things (f)

I had to throw my jacket on legit quick after being interrupted taking pictures ? (f)

What’s harder you or my nipples? (f)

Spent the whole day turned on, hopefully I can do something about that tonight (f)

Finally a moment where it wasn’t too cold to get nude outside, I could still use a petite help warming up though. (f)

All you dirty people nearly broke my chat last night in your attempts to entertain me (f) Want to do it again? ?

I’m not tired yet but my wife is, who wants to entertain me tonight? (f)

Come and enjoy the view (f)

I was waiting all Friday for the sweet (f)eeling of my bra coming off. What feeling would you have me look forward to next?

Good morning! I woke up ready to play, are you up? (f)

Should I take a seat here or do you have somewhere else you’d prefer? (f/m)

Nothing like having to be on good behavior all week to make you want to be extra naughty (f)

Playtime finally after a being turned on all day (f/m)

Will you make sure I get re(f)illed today? Because one is not enough for me.

My bf loves the idea of sharing me (I do too ☺️) what would you want to do together if you had turn? (f)

Staying warm by the stove. Want to spend a cozy night by the (f)ire keeping each other warm?

Last night I used him as my fuck toy to make myself cum. He was very obedient and didn’t. (f/m)

POV: you turn on the lights to me (f) straddling you asking you (m) to take off my underwear if you want me to keep going

I’m just trying to get drilled out in the (f)all colors this year but all the leaf peepers keep interrupting

She’s all ready (f)or another round. Who thinks they can please her?

Who wants to be my next ride? I’ll probably tease you for longer than you’d like but I’ll let you (f)inish if you’re good.

Would you like to handle a hand(f)ul of me?

Right after I told him he wasn’t getting to cum tonight ? (f/m)

Snuck a quick picture in be(f)ore a shower while he makes me dinner ?

Since it’s a snow day want to spend all day in bed with us? (f) I have my hand on his penis here but you can’t quite see it ?

Does it look like I’m better at taking orders or giving orders in the bedroom? (f)

He tells me I’m too good not to share, but why should I be shared with you? (f/m)

Please tell me your naughtiest desire? I’ll get even wetter if it includes me (f27)

Would I be the teen you’d bring home to your family for the holidays or the one you sneak away from you family to (f)uck?

Would you come in bed with me and in me? (f)

If you woke up to this view, what would you hope happened the night be(f)ore?

Just (f)or a peek ?

I haven’t let him cum (f)or 11 days. Should I let hi(m) tonight?

The last thing you see be(f)ore I tie you up & turn off the lights

Where would you like to explore (f)irst?

I’m always surprised how complimentary you all are of my lips and hair, I thought you were here just to see my boobs. (f)

Want to save water and shower together even if it’s a tight (f)it?

I’m always so pleasantly surprised how polite everyone is on here, but I want to hear the dirtiest thought that comes to your mind once you see me (f)

Just a little more (f)ace than to my taste to share, but enough of everything else. I enjoy my anonymity here.

Would you prefer to watch or join? (f)

It’s always best to dress com(f)ortably, and this is more fun to walk around home in

Would you like to sleep a little longer or are you ready to get up? (f)

POV: waking up to a couple (f/m) eager for another round with you

If I asked for your help washing up in the bath, would you be able to resist getting dirtier (f)irst?

Morning sex by an open window. Would we (fm) be a good surprise for a passerby?

The (f)ace I (m)ake when he’s all the way in ?

Can we just spend the weekend (f)ucking please?

I don’t think anyone can bang me as hard as daylight savings (f)

I don’t think anyone can plow me as hard as daylight savings (f)

I don’t think anyone can fuck me as hard as daylight savings (f)

I could really use a day in bed, some sunshine on my bare skin and a good (f)ucking (or two)

I could really use a day in bed, some sunshine on my bare skin and a good (f)ucking (or two)

I could really use a day in bed, some sunshine on my bare skin and a good (f)ucking (or two)

What would you care to touch (f)irst?

What would you care to touch (f)irst?

What would you care to touch (f)irst?

Where would you like to go (f)rom here?

Where would you like to go (f)rom here?

Where would you like to go (f)rom here?

Who want to (f)ill me next?

You must be lucky to wake up with this view (f)

I took this homemade quick for you while I was getting changed since you weren’t there to watch (f)

I (f) like to keep things anonymous on here but I’ll introduce you to blame huge plant baby named Phil

I’m always impressed with how polite yet (f)ilthy you are to me on here — My wife and I love to hear the very best (or worst ?) things that come to your mind when you see me

(f)inally achieved my childhood dream of having hair that covers my nipples. That means I don’t need to wear a shirt anymore right?

I love a good ride... Do you think you’d look or feel as good as him (m) between my (f) thighs?

Natural curves and curls (f)eel free to share how you’d like to spend an evening with me

Hold on to my braids or my breasts while you (f)ill me?

A quick (f)lash for your pleasure.

Should I let in more light? Or show you what I do in the dark? (f)

Morning routine featuring coffee and kitty (f/m)

What would your first thoughts be if you woke up next to me? (f)

Come a small closer and tell me what would bring you pleasure (f/m)

I love to read the messages we receive atop his penis (f)irst thing in the (m)orning.

Slipped into something silky before bed, skipped the underwear so it wouldn’t get in the way of you also doing the same (f)

I (f)eel like I could handle a few more hands on me here

I (f)eel like I could handle a few more hands on me here

Are you up yet? (f26)

Are you up yet? (f26)

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