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(F) maybe red is my lucky color…

(F) I want YOU here…

(F) A helping hand is always welcomed

(F) a helping hand is always welcomed

(F)uck Mondays, right?

(F)riday lovin’

(F) My boss talks firmly to someone and I melt…

(F) how about we make my cheeks red too?

(F) Ready for a new week 🙂

(F) Playing on a meeting - and they have no idea

(F) Soft and hot ✨

(F) Any plans for your weekend?? ✨

(F) Thank you for making this the horniest I’ve been in a while… ?

(F) don’t leave without making me cum ?

(F) Burst on my bubble butt

(F) doesn’t it feel like Friday?

(f) Pull on the leash and make me cum

(F) Help me get out of bed? (Or not)

(F) I’m wearing green but I do want some pinching ?? BANNER!! ?

(F) you can say these are my lucky panties ?

(F) Peachy Wednesday ?

(F) Soft to your touch…

(F) In need of some TLC ✨

(F) Sundays are for _____?

(F) I’m so wet… and it’s not only because I showered…

(f) Panties are optional…

(F) awake yet? I need some help…

(F) Touch and bite ?

(F) let’s wash this week off

(F) Fridays make my vagina tingle ✨

(F) Boss, you’re the reason I’m late for work☺️

(F) can you squeeze me into your calendar today?

(F) not getting out of my pjs today

(F) Panty marks are the only marks my butt should have… ?

(F) I’m just waiting for your instructions, Boss

(F) Peek-a-boo!

(F) soft enough to make you hard pt2

(F) any one order a cowgirl? ✨

(F) ? I’m here, waiting for you ?

(F) Wanna cuddle? ✨

(F) Who wants a thick teen for christmas??✨

(F) comfy friday is a thing ?

(F) a small booty pic never hurt anyone ?

(F) Ass up, girl.

(F) I want to be your Christmas present ?

Tittie tuesday squeezing (f)

(F) Ready for the day!

(F) happy hump day!

(F) I want you here with me ✨

(F) ?

(F) Can we start the weekend now??

(F) Wishing I were playing instead of working… what are you up to?

(F) close up for tittie tuesday! Begging to be bitten ?

Is it still (f)uck me friday?? ?

(F) it’s Wednesday and I’m bored ?

(F) peek a boo, what would you do?

(F) Don’t leave me waiting…

(F) How about a shower?

(F) what would you do if I were sleeping like this in your bed ?

(F) Time for bed?

(F) daddy let me ride you

(F) feeling pretty good today

Comment your biggest turn on and turn of(f) 😉

(F) Panties carry wise words ?

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