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Im still not sure if Im ready to reveal it all, but would you take turns if I crawled up on the bed like this...(f)

If I crawl up on the bed like this, will you plow me from behind with the curtains open? (f)

Come enjoy the sunshine with me...? I wonder who is watching from the headland behind me...(f)

Dripping, creamy and ready to play, havent been able to find a dong so my toy will have to do! (f)

Come hang by the pool with me? (f)

Ready to be used, think you could help? (f)

Will you slide in between them while I push them together for you? (f)

Pull them off or leave them on for something to hold on to? (f)

Feeling self conscious about my body, but just need to keep reminding myself that curves are sexy! (f)

I havent been filled in over a month, front or back first...or both at the same time? (f)

Happy to be back! Hopefully I can make it up to you for being gone so long...(f)

My first post compared to one of my recent posts, what a crazy journey! I have slowly learnt to love my body more and more. Thanks for coming on this adventure with me! Can you see the mental and physical changes? (f)

Slowly getting braver! Nervous to share but I also got a bit wet taking this photo for you...(f)

Wish I could dry off in the sun instead! (F)

Any surfers, snowboarders, adventurers out there keen to chat? Would love to here more about your adventures! (F)

Took this for you this morning, can I bend over for you...what would you do to me? (F)

Morning ? feeling a bit restless, anyone up for a morning snuggle? (F)

All worked up! Would you play? (F)

Well here goes! My first subfreeselfshotgirls post. This is a whole new world for me but Im nervous and excited...I hope you enjoy! 26(f)

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