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(F)appy friday?

(F) Can I suck your schlong by the lake?

Wanna (f)uck and go for a swim?

So (f)ucking horny…

(f) Tell me my twat is cute & you want it in your mouth??

Can we (f)uck, please!?

Want a thick girl(f)riend?

(F) What’d ya think? Wanna take me for a ride?

Wanna (f)uck a thicc chick w short hair?

Hey, wanna titty(f)uck?

(F) sun got me like…

(F) Lay me down and eat me up.

Hi, wanna (f)uck?

(F) is my thigh gap hot?

(F) kiss my pussy?

Your POV right be(f)ore I climb on top of you?


Looking for a (f)ace to grind my hole on...

Need (f)ace for grinding on, any takers?

I(f) I ask nicely, will you give me head?

(F) This angle is very generous for the ? lord have mercy!

(F)or real, what’s a girl gotta do to get a warm load shot in and or around her general vicinity¿

Let’s play “does it (f)it” starting with your cock...

I (f)ind this angle to be incredibly erotic...

(F) I love showing you my pussy?

(F) I’m so horny.

I love putting my tight booty pussy on display (f)or you.

I deleted this cause I was embarrassed, butt(f)uck it-here’s my body.

Good morning, break(f)ast is served?

House sitting for a friend, so naturally the (f)irst thing I do is take a pic of my twat in her mirror?

These hips were genetically cra(f)ted for holding onto whilst pounding. Couldja, Please&thanks.

Your view right be(f)ore I climb on top?

In need of a serious (f)uck, you down?

It’s not going to eat itsel(f)...

Eat me. (F)

(F) look at my pussy.

So (f)ucking horny?

(F) How’s the view?

(F) In desperate need of a sexy load?

(F) Wanna bounce me in your lap or something? ?

Does the skirt make you want to (f)uck me that much harder or...

Can you eat me out while I do my laundry? (F)

My vagina is so (f)ucking delicious?

Let’s jackof(f).. need a hand?

Wanna (f)uck?

(F) Hi. Suck on my hole please?

Would you rather dump your load on my (f)ace or tits?

(F) Wanna cum on my tits?

So (f)ucking horny..

(F) Eat my twat please?

Suck on my twat please. Break(f)ast, lunch and/or dinner?

Can I sit on your (f)ace?

(F)uck me.

(F) Just your girl next door casually showing you her tiny pink butt plug?

(F) Slap my ass and watch it jiggle, please?

(F)irst time using a plug... I can’t believe I’m flashing you guys!?

Casually (f)lashing traffic while catching Pokémon?

Do you like your pussy (f)at? ?

Do you like your pussy (f)at?

(F) So gosh darn horny, tell me I turn you on?

My (f)avorite place to be is on my knees?

I’m so (f)ucking sexy

Gimme your cum (f)

Wanna (f)uck?

I can’t believe I haven’t shown you my rear yet? (f)

Do I look like an obedient slut? (F)

(F) I’m only going to say this once, cum on my tits.


Does my scar turn you of(f)?

I am so (f)ucking horny?

(F) I want you to pull my pants down, prop me up on the sink, and go to town on me?

Do you have time (f)or a quickie?

Can I grind my hole on your (f)ace?


(F) Climb on top of me plssss

If you play with my nipples I’ll turn on like a (f)aucet?

Can I please sit on your (f)ucking face?

(F) Many thanks for the words of boner-here’s my pussy. Kiss that freckle for me, eh?

(F) I’m very curious as to how my scar will be received, would ya do me?

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