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Would you be an idiot like him and say “no@ to this? (F)

There is still space in this bed for one more (f) want to join?

This needy b.wants to know what you think. (F)

My fiancé will not fuck me. Would you take his place? (F)

Would you like to undress me? (F) ?

Feeling lonely tonight, anyone that would like to entertain me? (F)

What would yo do with me? (F)

Come over? (F)

Still looking for someone to play with tonight. Try to gain my attention with a fun message? Maybe it will be you! (F)

I am ready for me, do you want to join me? Hate to play alone ? (f)

Do you want to bury your face in it? ?(f)

Let me know if thinking about me makes you hard (f) ?

You can remove the but plug if you want, let me know if I made you hard ? (f)

I need someone to make them swing. Please pin me down. ? (f)

Should I keep the lingerie or take it off? ? (f)

I am just ready for you, come have me. ? (f)

Need a volunteer to make them bounce (f)

Want to play with my ass? (F)

Imagine the bouncing 😉 (f)

Suck ‘em or plow ‘em? ? (f)

Should I take it off or just put it to the side? ? (f)

Help me get wet, tell me something sexy! (F) ?

Take them off for me? ?(f)

To blow or not to suck? (F) ?

I need to be touched (f) ?

I wanna read all the ideas you get (f) ?

Would you marry me for these tits? ?? (f)

You are the only thing missing between them (f) ??

Is it tight enough (f) ?

Would you cum on them? (F)

Let me know if I made you hard (f) ?

Playing alone, would love for a beauty stud to join (f)

Want to use my ass? (F) ?

I am feeling lonely tonight (f) ?

How do you want me? (F)

I am looking for a bull, would you like to volunteer? (F) ?

Ready to be used (f)

In need of some attention (f) ?

Feeling like I need to be touched (f) ?

Tell me how hard the thought of fucking me makes you ?(f)

Undress me (f) ?

This naught slut needs a dude to make her behave (f) ?

We wouldn’t even need any lube (f) ?

Get me dirty again? (F) ?

Do I get you hard? (F) ?

Will you help me take them off? (F)

Do I look good in purple? (F) ?

What else do you want to see? ? (f)

Wanna get behind me? ? (f)

What are you thinking off now? (F) ?

Hungry? (F) ?

Do you want to use them? (F)

Would you come play with me? (f) ?

What would you do? (F) ?

Are you jerking off to my photos? ? (f)

I need some help (f) ?

I’m ready for you (f) ?

Are you hungry? (F) ?

I am in need of some attention (f) ?

Felling a tiny cold. (F)

Lingerie or no lingerie? (F)

Feeling a tiny bit dirty still, will you help me clean up? (F)

Tell me what you think .. (f) ?

Use me please? (F) ?

Jerk of to me (f)

My boyfriend only said “you look nice”.. ? (f)

Join me in the shower, I am feeling lonely ? (f)

(F) are you jerking of right now? ?

He is sleeping next to me but won’t plow me. Would you do it (f)or him? ?

What would you do to them? ? (f)

I would like you to join me in the shower, wanna cum? (F)(f) (F) (f)

Ready for a creampie ??(f)

Are you jerking off to me? (F) ?

Wanna be my dom? (F)

My boyfriend is out of town, and I really need to be (f)illed. ?

Please (f)uck my mouth! ?

What would you do to me? (F) ?

Wanna use my mouth (f) ?

Are you also (f)relying naughty tonight? ?

I love it when you share your (f)antasies with me ?

How would you (F)uck me? ?

I am a bit bored, help me? ? (f)

Did I make you hard? ? (f)

Please let me know if you jerking of(f) to my picture ?

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