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Lips or tits? (f)

Wine me, dine me, sixty-nine me (f)

Are you hungry? (f)

Very lonely afternoon (f)

Ready to be used (f)

Angel face ? devil thoughts ? (f)

I wish that I was what you wanted (f)

Average at best (f)

Just another pair of tits, nothing more. (f)

I’m pretty sure that’s the right way to wear a bra on Titty Tuesday (f)

Come take care of me? (f)

Do you want it? (f)

Would you like to play with me? (f)

I just want you to play with me (f)

I’m not as woman and per(f)ect as most posters here, but this is what I’ve got ?

I’m here to remind you that Titty Tuesday is not over yet (f)

I almost (f)orgot about Titty Tuesday ?

That’s how I wear a dress (f)

Pink enough for you? (f)

Just your average, friendly slut next door (f)

I’ll wait for you like this (f)

That’s your view when I lean over you (f)

Show me who’s the boss (f)

I’m the quiet and introvert teen at the party, but you know what they say... don’t judge a book by its cover (f)

Almost woke up like this (f)

On your weekend to-do list: me ✅ (f)

Come take care of me please? (f)

Still fuckable for a 36 yrs old? (f)

Have an evening snack, I won’t tell ? (f)

This is a cute top ? (f)

Just let me know if you need anything in the kitchen (f)

Mornings are so hard ? (f)

This is my 36 years old body (f)

Give me a standing ovation (f)

Meow ? (f)

Just joining the Titty Tuesday party (f)

I was in a mood and deleted everything, bla bla bla. Hello again ???‍♀️ (f)

Do you wanna touch me? (f)

Shirt down / shirt up (f)

I heard that you like the bad girls honey, is that true? (f)

Feeling down.. I need to be cheered up (f)

I’ll be a good girl (f)

You’d look good on top of me (f)

I want to stay in bed all day (f)

Flashing you ⚡️ (f)

The dinner you really want (f)

Stop by on your way home.. (f)

How’s your Monday? (f)

I’m a tease and I love it (f)

Your cheat meal of the week (f)

What do we think about curves? (f)

Come on baby let’s ride (f)

A bit lonely (f)

He is not interested. (f)

He’s not interested. (f)

I’ll drain you (f)

I heard you like my lips ?? (f)

I heard you like my lips ?? (f)

Come on baby, let’s ride (f)

If you felt cute, don’t delete it later (f)

If I get a tiny prettier can I be your baby? (f)

Just me with my long hair and big tits (f)

Close the door behind you (f)

Waking up is hard (f)

When her mind is deep and her throat is too (f)

Do you want to have your way with me? (f)

Weekend mood: orgasms (f)

I wanna be adored (f)

Yes, I’m really that white (f)

This is how I wear a dress ?? (f)

These tits are made for wanking, and that’s just what they’ll do ? (f)

New year, same monster breasts ? (f)

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