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The best massive (f)eelings come packed in a small packages ☺️

(F)antasy: getting a bath together and you eat me out and plow me while I’m in this position ….

Lend me a (f)riendly, helping hand…

Sort of like an elden ring maiden but dif(f)erent ??

we are entertaining guests and at the end of the evening, I get these out (f)or you ….

? o(f) lips, tits, hips…. Does my title need to make sense ? ?

I really (f)elt squeezed into this tight sweater dress …. ?

What are your (f)riday rituals?

My (F)riday morning mood …. ?

(F) eels sooo good to get out of your jeans after a long day …. ? (the sequel to letting your boobies free) ?

(F)un fact: it’s the fifth of May. Now it’s your turn to tell me a fun fact … ?

Let’s con(f)ess our fetish to each other ….

I’m procrastinating on my work and I’m too shy to ask (f)or what I want. Maybe you get the hint this way though …? ?

Dopamine as (f)uel when you’ve got writers block …

I’m so needy (f)or some quality dicking down ?

I really ?this out(f)it, so I wanted to share it ☺️

Not (f)ully awake yet … ?

(F)antasy: putting my hole in your face …. Panties to the side …

(F)rom me to you with ?

the glove was just random (f)ind in my pantyhose drawer. So I thought what the heck, let’s give it a whirl. ??

Someone once requested a leather jacket…I hope you don’t mind I added my own (f)lair ….

The (F)-test sums up the predictive power of the independent variables …and did you still need help with it?

My (f)antasy: you reach up and hold my hand when you go down ….. ♥️?

Wet T-shirt, wet wi(f)e

My porcelain shaded (f)ront …..

Sheer, high waisted brie(f)s

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