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Would you like some (f)reshly brewed perkiness?

(42F) My bush is almost braidable. Anyone would like to try? ?

Does my hair tickle your (f)ancy? ?

(F) I post here when I need a dose of dopamine. I hope you get some too when you see me ?

(F) Would you put me on your to-do list...?

Welcum to my home o(f)fice

(F) You "suck"

(F) Excuse me, is this seat taken?

(F) Id rather sit in someones lap instead

Can I interest you in some coffee and home baked cinnamon rolls on this (f)ine morning?

(F) Its important to get enough vitamin D on a daily basis

(F) Still sleepy?

Im gonna get a head start on Casual (F)riday...Join me? ?

I like getting a head start on Casual (F)riday

A bowl of udon noodles (f)or Sunday brunch with a side of boobs, anyone? ?

Happy casual (F)riday ?

(F) Hope you dont mind my bed head. Its going to be a lazy day today ?

(F) Some opportunities are just hard to pass up ?

I need to be working but am distracted atm. Not gonna be distracted all by mysel(f) though ?

41(F) A day in the life of an exhibitionist: why am I wasting time tidying up my work when I can show off my boobs on the internet instead? ?

At 41, adulting (f)eels still foreign sometimes especially when I just dont feel like going to work. Happy Friday :p

(F) A dose of sun does a body good

(F) Do you like my reading socks? ?

Can I be your boob (f)airy for when you need a perk-me-up? ?

(F) What kind of exhibitionist would I even be if I didnt start off my weekend by showing off my boobs to internet strangers? ?

Nude be(f)ore work because...priorities ?

(F) Gotta get ready for office but just dont wanna. ?Posting here on the other hand...?

Happy (F)ull Frontal Friday, fellas! ?

(F) Its ok, please zoom in ?

(F) Since its too cold out and I dont want to be running just yet...ladies and gents, I present to you an unorthodox but enticing way to wear a sport bra :p

(F) Dont leave me hanging

(F) Dont mind me, Im just a cheeky chick showing you some cheeks ?

(F) Ive been naughty ?

Banner (F) Do you think you can wait until Christmas morning to unwrap your present? ??

41(F) What can I say, I am just trying to stay fit for you guys and gals 😉

Slow workday = randomly showing of(f) my furry kitty ?

"An interesting title"...? ? Just (f)eeling beautiful and want to show off, that is all ?

41(F) Finished coffee ✅ Posted a nude ✅ Now just need a running buddy ?

(F) Its time to gather together at the Church of Boobs ?

(F) Do gray pants on a slut count too? I hope they do ?

41F I got distracted while getting ready (f)or work. Well, I hope Im getting some of you distracted too ??

Before going for a run. Catch me i(f) you can ?

Excuse me, I had to let my nipples out be(f)ore theyd rip my bodysuit ?

(F) Hey there.

Whats even the point of a morning workout without a petite flash for you lovely pervs? ?? (41F)

Coz this sweater will look better on your (f)loor...?

Post-run on/o(f)f

(F)ishing for boners ??

(F) Gotta love sweater weather 😉

Time to (f)ree up the phone storage again...Heres one of my outtakes from the vault for your viewing pleasure ?

Cold late fall days call (f)or flannel pjs ♥️

Can I be your (41f)avorite nilf(neighbor Id like to fuck)? ?

Posting nudes is one o(f) the ways I beat the winter blues. ?

Theres room (f)or one more in here. Just sayin.

(F) "An interesting title" ?

I never get tired of 41(f)lashing for you all ?

(F) The idea of getting you guys turned on brings a naughty smile to my face ?♥️

(41F) Make Underboob Great Again ?

(F) Im missing two strong arms to wrap around my waist ?

Say hi i(f) you see my at the gym ?

(F) Its a good waist day here. Have a good one ?

(F)eeling myself and thought Id share with yall ?

(F) I was just trying to do some side planks, but my cat had different ideas lol

(F)all weather calls for flannel pajamas ?

Totally (f)orgot to take any wet t-shirt pics during summer... Ive been slacking ?

(F) Are you feeling hungry yet? ?

Make Break(f)ast Great Again

(41F) Quite the catch ?

I celebrate today as National (F)ishnet Appreciation Day, a joyous occasion you didnt know you needed 😉

(F) I put the p in perky :p

Just me and co(f)fee. Would you like a sip?

(F)orget about being a monster spoon. I need a massive spork! ?

(F) Excuse me, my eyes are up here ?

(F) Chapel time at The Church of Boobs. Cum, all ye who are horny! ?

Natural light is the best (f)ilter

Couldnt come up with a caption. Let me (f)irst sit down, and Ill think about it ?

(F)or early birds...?

(F) Caress along the dotted line

⚠️(F)ragile, Manhandle With Care ⚠️

(F) Rise and Shine ?

(F) Dunno who needed to see this, but heres my random act of on/off ?

(F) Lets review some bullet points ?

De(f)ying gravity one perky tit at a time ?

(41F) Grainy pic, dont care ?

(F) How many pussies are in this photo? ?

Ive (f)inished my coffee...Do you mind refilling my cup? ?

Excuse my frequent posting, I am just hot and have a phone (f)ull of pics yet to be posted... ?‍♀️

(F) My kitty needed to get a thin tan ?

Sabotaging my own e(f)fort to look a small innocent because my breasts had to breathe ?

(F) All who thirst, cum to me and drink ??

I might need help dry mysel(f) off, just sayin. ?

Too bad I cant show all my (f)igures in my presentation today ?

(F) Do you need a hug? ?

In search o(f) new recruits for The Church of Boobs. Do I have any potential converts here? ?

Since some of you seemed to be (f)ond of my breasts and nipples...Here, look at some more ?

(F) Shower didnt even help one bit to cleanse my mind ?‍♀️

Turning a bunch of internet strangers on is one of my (f)avorite pastimes. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do ?

(F) My nips are on the same page right now

(F) Each of my nipples has a mind of her own

Chores are more (f)un without clothes ?

(F) Ratio :p

(F) Pretty in green ?

I think Im a thin overdressed (F)eat. my fav dildo ?

(F) Im insatiable ?

A hearty break(41f)ast spread for growing boys 😉

(F) Early bird takes the nudes ?

(F) Panties are overrated especially in this heat wave ?

(F) Dont mind me here just unzipping my pants for you guys and gals ?

Its a warm night, and theres no way to get com(f)y without taking some clothes off...?

Taking the com(f)ort level of this shirt to the next level ?

(41F) Posting NSFW pics motivates me to office out and eat healthily. Id say its a win-win situation ?

I doubt Id wear this crop top outside...But I thought Id show it of(f) to you guys at least ?

I believe in bringing my best assets to the table. Are boob-(f)ocused pics welcome here though? ?

(41F) I could use a hand to help me get out of these jammies ?

Break(f)ast is served ?

(F) Im cursed with a brown thumb, but thank goodness, even I can grow a little bush ?

(F) POV ?

(F) Which set of my lips would you like to make out with first? ?

One o(f) the ways for me to cope with hangovers: posting noodz online ?

Co(f)fee & breakfast - yes, its AYCE.

(F) Nothing much, just my tits wanted to say good night to you all ?

A quick (f)lash on a hiking trail. Was taking this worth the risk? ?

(41F) but NOT a mom. Can I be your nilf(neighbor Id like to fuck) instead?

(F) Damnit Ive given in to my noodle cravings ?

(F) Perky nips on/off (Cant think of a clever caption ?)

I used to hate running but now love it. At 41, I feel more athletic than ever be(f)ore?‍♀️

My girls (f)reshly out of a sport bra after a sweaty workout. Enjoy ?

(F) Damn those lips ?

Idk why some of you guys keep asking if they can jerk o(f)f to me. Just fucking do it ?

(F) Kiss the little ?

(F) Care to have a piece? ?

(F) Late night cravings

(41F)launting before the grocery trip. Gotta make adulting a small more fun somehow ?

(F) Books may not be the only thing you wanna check out at your university library ?

Being naughty in the library be(f)ore checking out a few books ?

This is (f)or anybody whos having a hangover this morning. Let me perk you up ??

(F) Whos hungry? ?

(F) Its too beautiful today to stay dressed. I hope you dont mind my rather casual look ☀️

(F) Been a beauty minute. I present to you my perky tits yet again, enjoy ?

(41F) Some of you werent even born when I was a freshman in college, but I still find it entertaining to hang out here ? Enjoy my latest offering ?

(41F)elt perky, thought Id flaunt here ?

(F) Underboobs are underrated

My pussys not gonna lick itsel(f), so...?

Shamelessly (f)launting again just because I want to give you a hard time ?

(F) Get on your knees ?

(F) Help me out of damn these pesky jeans? ?

(F) The work is done, now its time to play

A(f)ter late night workout. Good night, freeselfshotgirls ?

Insert your (f)ace here

(F) Throwing some casual nudity out there hoping some of you might get hard ?

Just a set of perky tits au naturel (41f)or your viewing pleasure

(F)ull Frontal Friday selfie at work. Dont mind all the marks on my skin from the clothes ?

(F) Sweaty with tan lines. Smash?

some people irl are surprised to (f)ind out my age, and they havent even seen my 41 yo tits ?

(F) Excuse me, my choker is up here ?

I dont know who needed this today, but heres my random act of sexiness (f)or you all

(F) Random act of sexiness ?

Pale and pointy a(f) after a post-workout cold shower. Somebody warm me up? ?

Lets build a blanket (f)ort and cuddlefuck to sleep ?

Sometimes (f)lashing once just isnt enough, so you guys and gals get two from me today. Deal with it ?

Flashing you all my tits again for no other reason than (41f)eeling extra perky ? What say you?

(F) When youre so beauty you just need an emergency rub-one-out ?‍♀️

(41F) Slip N Slide ?

A babe sometimes needs to post for no other reason than her phone storage is (f)ull and some photos need to go ?‍♀️

(41F) Working on losing my "quarantine 10" 6.5 down, 3.5 to go! ??

(F) Home alone while my boyfriend is at work. Keep me company? ?

Break(f)ast and coffee for the growing boys ?

A tight (f)it ??

(41f) My body was leaner and tighter when in my 20s, but I feel sexier now than ever because of the confidence that comes with age 🙂

Im slightly wasted after a few shots of whiskey and beautiful a(f). Send help

(F) Excuse me, may I park my ass on your face for a few minutes?

Just because I am always dressed properly at office doesnt mean that I dont enjoy being objecti(41f)ied every now and then...Go! ?

(F) Lunch is served, AYCE style. Whos hungry? ?

Woke up at 2 am and about to masturbate my way back into sleep. Heres the byproduct of my horniness (f)or you, enjoy! ?

Id like to get a couple o(f) my points across ?

Kinda sorta on/o(f)f ?

(F) Oops...Meant to do it ?

(F) Ive started running again to lose my "quarantine 10". 4 down, 6 more to go! posting on freeselfshotgirls gives me a motivation to keep working on it ?

(F) Excuse me, my thigh cleavage is down here ?

(F) I honestly got a bit turned on taking and editing this pic. I hope you feel the same looking at it ?

(F)inger-licking good ??

(F) Post-workout sweatiness. Anyone wants to snack on my salty tits? ?

When your usual standards for NS(F)W photos go out the window because you are sexy af after a workout...?‍♀️

Co(f)fee an hour before working out helps enhance strength and endurance. Join me ?

All natural, (41f)ree range, organic tits for your viewing consumption ?

(F) The god of horniness is upon me again this morning, so enjoy another naked pic of mine ?

(F) Where would you start? ?

(F) Mouth-watering good ??

Im not exactly (f)un size but still fun to toss around. Smash?

(F) Post workout mood. Need help to stretch ??

The lips that call (f)or French Kisses ?

Join me for ice cream sandwich and co(f)fee, and you wont be disappointed. 😉

Ever (f)elt weak in the knees upon seeing a coed in her pantsuit? ?

A mandatory tit (f)lash after a workout. Im insatiable ??

(F) A bit more up-close and personal than usual. Hope you dont mind.

Work has been stress(f)ul. Help me relieve that?

(41f) Its been only a hot minute, but I dont think you all would complain. ?

Wanted: a new puppy to train ?i(f) you know what I mean... ?

(f) May the 4th be with you banner submission - cum to the dark side 😉

(f) May the 4th Be With You banner submission 🙂

No frills, bells, and whistles but just me in my com(f)iest jammies. Would you smash? :p

Hey, take a "long, hard" look at my bush be(f)ore I groom it ?

Turned 41 this year. Heres to another (f)abulous year! ?

(F)eeling some type of way...?

Point o(f) view.

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