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What caught your attention (f)irst? ?

Ughh I said (f)inish in me not on me

Your (f)av massive tiddy pale girl checking in one more time for Titty Tuesday ?

Titty Tuesday cumming to you live (f)rom my commute!

Thanks (f)or bringing me that towel, here’s your reward ?

I know it’s Monday, but hopefully my boobs can distract you until (F)riday

My coworkers have no idea I’m at home having (f)un playing with my breasts during our Zoom meetings

Think of me when you’re having some (f)un on the shower later ?

Suns out boobs out. Or however the (f)uck that saying goes.

Happy (F)athers Day! Let me bring you a drink ?

Cum first, then go get some (f)resh air today ?

Cum with me to get some (f)resh air ?

It’s your (f)avorite pale, large titty work slut back and reporting for duty

What’s your opinion on these bouncing in your (f)ace?

Oh don’t mind me just trying to distract the (f)uck out of you while you’re at work ☺️

Sorry (f)or missing titty Tuesday. Hopefully my smile will help you to forgive me ?

Hope you had a (f)antastic day, and if you didn’t I hope this helps ?

What do you (f)eel like holding onto?

Who wants these hand(f)uls next??

Where are you (f)inishing? Big boobs or pretty smile?

Happy Sunday (F)unday, and happy cumming ?

(F)irst post in a couple days, have some vacation titties ?

Snuck out of the work just (f)or you ?

Goodnight, (f)riends. Hope you dream about me ??

Sunday (F)unday, wanna come shower with me?

My twat did not want to (f)it, so enjoy a lil bit of bush… and tits… big breasts ?

You wake up to this POV this morning, are you going to have a good (f)riday???

It’s (f)riday, you wake up to this POV, are you going to have a good morning?

Don’t worry people, it’s almost (f)riday. Let me help you get through today ?

Look at my breasts and have a (f)an-fucking-tastic day.

Happy Titty Tuesday, (f)riends! ?

Happy Titty Tuesday, (F)riends!

Happy Titty Tuesday! Have a (f)an-fucking-tastic day ?

As promised, the a(f)termath

As promised from a bit ago, the a(f)termath

I’m wearing this when you walk in, what’s your (f)irst thought?

Any (f)ans of fat titties for breakfast?

(f)un question: would you rather be my hands or my blanket in this pic?

My boobs make it real hard (f)or necklaces to not disappear

Let me know i(f) y’all are interested in seeing these bounce later ?

You (f)olks still like shower titties?

Happy almost (F)riday ?

Here’s some tits. Have a good (f)ucking day.

One (f)inal Titty Tuesday post for today, see y’all Titty connoisseurs next week

Midnight snacks taste better revealed and I’ll (f)ight you over that

Who’s a (f)an of seeing big titties on Titty Tuesday?!

Cumming to you live (f)rom the shower. Have a good day ?

Goodnight, (f)riends ?

Good night, (f)olks ?

(f)elt extra breedable in this pic

He (f)inally got the hint and joined me after this

Good night, (f)riends

Your POV as I’m about to use your (f)ace as a seat

I let him (f)inish wherever he wants, last night it was all over my massive boobs

Sa(f)e to say they are a handful.

Good morning (f)riends!

(f)eeling elegant as fuck in this

Was relaxing last weekend and they (f)elt nice, so enjoy ?

Dropping this here to take care of your beauty office teen (f)antasy

(F)riendly reminder to shower today

I miss the (f)all leaves

We are back and veri(f)ied people! Enjoy some butt

I was wondering why people at the o(f)fice were staring at me today, then I remembered it was titty Tuesday

Any (f)ans of candles and/or big tits over here???

The A(f)termath

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