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I’ll (f) let you take them off if you let me suck your cock!

Your office coed (f) wants attention, it’s so slow todayyy

I (F) get so wet showing my tits in the work ??

When I say “fuck me, I’m tired” I (f) really mean it

Help me (f) prove to my friend that I really am a good cum slut!

Omw to the gym, maybe I (f) can squat on your face after?

(F)ingering myself to your comments again as a good elf slut!

Can I (f) pull these aside and ride your face till I squirt?

Would you bang a slutty elf (f), or why not?

I’m (f) harnessed, wet, and need you to eat me out for lunch ?

I need you to wake me (f) up by slipping your cock in and breeding my little body ☀️?

Since Imgur doesn’t want to see my (F) boobs anymore, can I share them with you? ?

It’s my cake day - wanna celebrate by pulling my custom panties aside and filling my (f) slutty elf pussy?

Would you mind if I (f) flash you? Just a little?

Your elf babe (f) needs a long hard ___?

My (f) elf booty loves being exposed in the woods

So beautiful today I (f) kinda want to show my tiny elf hole squirting for you ?

Showing off my (f) boobs, say hi if you looked ?

Thirsty Thursday, who will fill my (f) throat?

Whose face will be my (f) dripping wet throne?

I need your cum in me (f) right now

Would you fuck your elf teen (f) where the neighbors can see?

Can I (f) use my slutty mouth to drain your fat penis for lunch?

I’m (f24) at a work event, how many men do you think I can get hard? How many should I blow?

Who wants to fill this elf’s slutty twat for Easter? I’m (f) super sexy after 4 creampies and need more!

Happy fill me (F)riday! How should we celebrate?

Who will give their elf woman the licking she (f) needs so badly

Whoops, my (f) slutty is showing! Why don’t you use them while they’re out?

Skip lunch and come eat me (f) instead!

Can you imagine squeezing my (f) soft breasts while I slide down your cock?

You should cum over and workout with me (f) instead ?

Feel me, fill me, make me (f) your slutty elf slave

I (f) love waking up with a cock in my mouth, who has morning wood for me?

They love to BE sucked, and I (f) love TO blow ?

Feeling like a lazy woman after hard work, wanna use my (f) tiny body?

Taking a bet too far like a good babe (F) - think I flashed enough?

Touching my petite hole to your comments, maybe I (f) can earn more cum??

I promise 1 year of good luck per creampie, who’ll fill me (F) up

Who wants to squeeze my (f) perky elfin boobs?

Who is up ? for a perky elf slut? I (f) I want something fun to ride!

Fuck me I’m (f) Irish ??

Lick me (f) I’m Irish ?? elf slut banner post

I’m bored and horny, what should I (f) do

Would you cum on my boobs or in my (f) mouth

Your slutty el(f)’s pussy is wet and aching to stretch.. will you be home soon? ?

Oops did I make Monday ? even harder? Does your elf young (f) need to be punished?

I need one mouth for each and two more for my (f) lips, who’s helping?

Can you tell my (f) tiny vagina is stuffed and dripping? Trying to be sneaky on cam ?

I’ll wear you out, get you back up, and keep riding till I’m (f) satisfied

I wear this when I want my (f) greedy petite twat filled repeatedly

Need a strong gym buddy to pick me (f) up, stretch me, and fill my small hole ??

My needy pussy is getting wet thinking about all the guys who came for and in me (f) this week ? thank youu ?

Built for grabbing and breeding, who wants me (f) first?

Make me your lunch break! Eat me (f24) or plow me?

Can I (f) please just be creampied and sent back to bed?

It’s Moan-day so… make me (F) ??

Suck on my (f) sensitive puffy nipples and I’ll make you cum SO hard

If I can’t make you cum with just tongue then I (f) owe you a creampie, deal?

Can I (f) earn your cum for titty Tuesday? I’ll try really hard ?

Wanna lick my (f) little lips while I stream?

My (f) twat lips are wet, who will make my nipples join them?

You deserve to use me (f) however you want, new browsers ❤️

My (f) slutty mouth would love to drain you all, who’s cumming over?

Feeling stressed, who’ll massage and creampie a slutty blonde sub (f)?

I (F) wanna see how many cocks I can raise by Valentine’s Day ??

I (f24) want to lick you till you can’t cum anymore

Stretching my pussy in cowgirl till I squirt is my (f) favorite exercise - what’s yours

This elf (F) keeps getting in trouble, what should she do to make up for it? ??

Anyone still up ? for a hot elf young (f)

Soft and sensitive tonight, all of me (f) needs licking please

I (f) had a bad dream and have to squirt myself back to sleep, please help?

Who needs a naughty elf (f) to drain their tasty cum?

If you can cover both my (f) breasts then you’re allowed to creampie me

Fill my (f24) needy pussy and turn my perkies into milkers?

If you can make me (f) squirt I’ll worship and drain your cock every day for a week

Wake up sleepyhead I (f) want to use your dong

My slutty wet dream left me dripping like I (f) could squirt any second.. make me please?

How many will cum all over my (f) breasts while I play today?

I get so wet sending my (f) man friends nudes at office

I need someone to spend all day using my (f24) wet hole

Want to see your elf coed (f) get showered in sexy cum?

My (f) soft boobs and tight pussy need your attention sir ? how are you using me??

Use my (f) slutty body to practice your aim please sir!

Who will tie me (f) up and use all my holes tonight?

Elves have the tightest pussies and sluttiest fantasies, who will cum fill me (f) up?

I’ll bet you free use of my ass that I (f) can drain you onto my face <1min ?

So hard not to moan too loudly on my (f) heal woman streams …

Would you cum all over a kinky slut blonde nymph like me (f)?

Flashing my tits to every dad I (F) pass on today’s road trip ?would you honk??

I’m so close, please make me (f) squirt for you this morning sir? ??

Hope the two people that see my (f) boobs imagine stretching my wet hole till they cum

Shower your good thin teen (f) with cum please!! ???

Want a taste of my (f) slutty wet pussy?

Who wants to get high and breed an elf coed (f)?

Want to finish 2022 with a slutty elf (f) squirting on you?

Pin me (f) and pound me till I squirt all over you?

How can a good elf (f) make up for misbehaving? ?

Help a slutty elf (f) squirt for xxxmas?

Make me (f) your slutty Xmas toy!! Merry xxxmas!

Who will stretch my (f) tight tiny elf twat till I squirt?

Whoever can last a minute in my eager (f) mouth I’ll be your free use young till 2023 ?

Merry xxxmas from your elf girl (f)! Cum on my banner post??❤️

No one online, but can a good slut get one on her? (f)

Help warm up your beautiful slut’s (f) sensitive nipples??

So horny I (f) can’t sleep, but I heard squirting helps?

Bet you one creampie my (f) slutty mouth would blow you dry in <30s

Please cum worship and stretch my (f) tight small elf pussy?

Help! Nymph sluts (f24) can only eat cum.. pls..

Your elf girl is wet and eager to squirt for you again! (f24)

Help a horny elf woman (f) squirt today?

Who’s going to cum on my (F) rainbowy boobs?

Who has a nice thick shelf for a needy el(f)??

Give me one monster reason to show off my (f) tight small pussy, I’m dripping but shy ??

I’ve been knotty, please punish me (f)?? Tell me how!

Nut on my (f)ace! Wait I meant not ??

How would you breed me (f)??

Stop, cum for me (f) then find my stream and drop a 😉

Hi hi from my boobs and greedy lips (f) ?

Can I (f) have your cum please?!

Would you lick my (f) pussy if I beg?

Who wants to be my (f) alarm dong this morning?

Don’t try to pull out I (f) want to be bred

Whoopsie, I (f) think I sent the wrong pic!?

Need an experienced daddy to tease these while they breed me (f)… pls?

My (f)inals-ready outfit! Wish me goodluck ??

I’ll worship your penis if you worship me (f) right

Another? Okk, but just my (f) boobs until you bang me for legit k?

How would you bang a slutty el(f)

What do you want (f)or Christmas?

Tie me (f) up and stick me under your tree?

Anyone still sexy for fetish Friday? (F)

Where would you nibble me (f)irst?

Still horny.. (F)uck me..

Just took this, hope you’re as sexy as me (F)

Oops did I (f)orget to put on panties this morning??

Who’d come for paint night? (F)

So beautiful I (F) keep touching under my desk, send help!

Fine, here. Now help me finish my (f) homework pleease?

What? I (f) thought you said flash!

Oops there I (f) go showing again ? help tie me back up?

Just my (f) tits and the hope you enjoy them <3

Anyone up for titty showing Tuesday (f)

Anyone want to get my back side for me (F24)

Need someone to tie me (f) and make me their cum bunny!

How are you going to make me (F) squirt?

Guess my (f)avorite kink and I’ll show it off like a good slut

Do they look squishable enough to fuck? (f)

Who will tie me (f) up for fetish Friday

I have never said no to giving head, can I (F) have your tongue pls

Please help me(f), anyone! ?

Are mine fat enough to bury your face in while you breed me (f)

How would you (f)uck me and why

Anyone up for a fantasy (F)uck with a naughty elf

Who’ll offer my (F) tight hole a seat tonight

Anyone willing to suck on these and finger me (F) while I raid? We can take turns maybe?

Any soldier daddies want to fuck me and play with my (F) nipples?

How would you punish your naughtiest kitten (F)

Love slipping off my (F) clothes, what’s next daddy?

Who is gonna make my slutty tits bounce while they cum in me (F)

Would you suck my nipples while you (f)ill my pussy?

Hi you, want to cum all over my (F) boobs tonight?

Wanna squeeze my so(f)t babe breasts

Any daddies want a needy woman el(f) slut?

Overcum with the urge to show of(f) my breasts ?

Who is adding more ? while I (F) tease my clit to cum

I (F) love rear stares in public, and rear play in private

This is how I’d wait for you to cum home to my (F) soft tits

Am I (F) too late for a slutty Galadriel Halloween banner post

Who has a huge broom stick for this naughty witch (f) to ride? ??

What are you cumming as for Halloween (F)

I’m bored (F) enjoy my tits

Happy Halloween! Dick or Treat (F) ?

Paint my (F) boobs, use any color you want

Who has an orc sized schlong for a petite elf (F)

Blonde nymphos taste best, just try me (F)

Who wants to eat slut blonde twat (F)

I’m (F) a screamer, what would you do to find out?

What color is missing from my (F) naughty lips and what are you gonna do about it

Who’d blow on my (F) soft sensitive titties

Is really nobody up to cum to my (F) perky tits?

I (F) always wonder what guys imagine doing with my perky tits

I (F) was a bad slut today, how would you punish me?

My (F) guilty pleasure is casually showing off my piercings - would you ask to see

Easy access for “accidentally” showing my (F) profs ?

How about licking till I (F) win a game then we swap?

Can I (F) ride your face till I squirt? ?

Who has an elf fantasy and why is it my (F) fault

Who’s leaving it on while I (F) ride

How would you remove my (F) new wrapping

How would you fuck a little blonde nymph (F)

If you saw me (F) out, would u say hi??

Just tits here or naughty nymphs (F) too?

Don’t make me (F) beg, cum back to bed

I (F24) need a pick me up … and fill me .. please?

Do I (F) need both or more?

Oh my (F) boobs!

Good morning, did you know that cumming in me (F) is the best hangover cure

Are elf nymphos (F) wanted here

Make me (F) your fantasy

Alone time makes me (F) beauty

Would you use my (F) petite elfin body?

I’ll be your Mercy if I (F) can borrow your staff

I (F) wanna know what you’d do with a naughty woman blonde nympho

Give me (F) your pipe, I’ll show you how a High Elf smokes

My (F) tits want your love

Hop over and onto me, I’m (F) wetter and blow harder than Ian ? (stay safe ‘Muricans!)

Cum remind me (F) why I love being so naughty

Do I (F) look as built for intercourse as I act?

If you came home to this how hard would you bang me (F)

If you can pull my (F) panties off with your teeth then I’m free use, who’s trying?

Happy Monday, who’d cum on my (F) piercings?

Who would my (F) panties off, and who would only pull them aside?

Who would answer my ass call? It’s for my (F) booty after all?!

Who is gonna eat my (F) tight pussy while I raid?

Instead of a Dark Lord, would you have a Queen (F)? Beautiful as she is insatiable?

Which should I (F) wear out tonight, and should I flash it?

Wonder how many I’ve (F) made throb this year ? or cum ??

I’m (F) a sucker for morning wood and breakfast in bed ??

Wake up, cum for me (F), nap a bit and repeat!

On my (F) way out, who wants to cum in first?

What’s up gamers, it’s ya young (F)

My (F) weakness is that I always want it rough and, well, always

I (F) “accidentally” did this in recitation, and my TA’s boner looked tasty ?

Would you join my (F24) cloning (M) fantasy scenario

If you see me (F) in game you better hope you’re ready to unload ??

Good morning - can I (F) be breakfast in bed??

Untie my (F) dress in public and I’ll put on a show for everyone

Hmph you think I’d (F) suck you just cause you asked? Hehe, you’re right ?

I (F24) guess if you don’t wanna I’ll just bang myself!

I (F) need someone to squeeze them and stretch me today, who will help

Happy titsday, where are you planting your face first? (F24)

Sucker for orders (F), what’s yours?

Elf princess kitten nympho (F) at your service

I (F) love to flash dads at the store if they smile at me

Wanna tie me (F) down and make me cum?

Who is up for a blow trade with me (F)

Cheer up, we’ll win the next one or I’ll (F) show more!

I’m dripping with my (F) last creampie, so my tits felt left out ??

Dripping cum but I (F) want sum’more

Who wants to tie up a naughty blonde (F)

Horny wet and fantasizing (F)

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s going to fuck me (F) till they fall?

Good morning tits (F) ?

Be nice and I’ll (F) show off my dinner dress

Where are my (F) anime waifu lovers

My (F) twat is finally getting licked while I game - would you take a turn?

You’re all so nice I’ll (F) let you choose if I stream topless

Simple titty flash for my (F) naughty friends ? how would you use them

Would you invite me (F) into your bed

Who would put me (F) on their pillow?

Your naughty elf (F) went back to school for a banner post!

If I (F) made it harder ? to wake up you should spank me!!

On my (f) knees to see what you have to please me ??

Flashing at dinner made me (F) a new friend ?

How many would cum on my (F) soft breasts and how many would rest on them after filling

Who wants a satisfy a naughty princess babe (F)

Felt naughty before tutoring- should I (F) show him ?

I (F) know what you are doing but which pov is your fantasy

Get behind me (F), I’ll take point 😉

Help me (F) keep them soft and perky with cum massages

Playing with myself (F) between rounds, how would you help

Cum on you can stroke harder for me (F) right

How many would fill Galadriel (F)

Hold E to suck (F)

Would you cum on me (F) as softly as the morning light did

Can I (F) invite a friend or do I have to use both?

Queue wait means showing and vibing myself (F) join voice?

My (F) hips were made for gripping, pulling, poun…

Wanna see my (F) breasts bounce above you?

Two words, how you’d tease my (F) boobs

Keep your eyes open for forest nymphs (F)

Anyone fantasizing about Galadriel (F) tonight?

Zoom class means my (F) perky boobs are just “turn camera on” away

Wish there was something I (F) could be doing instead of homework

I (F) wanna be on top of your wetnessday todo list… and more

Spanked for insulting my (F) body ???

Are my (F) elven schoolgirl tits naughty enough for fssg

Do my (F) mid game flashes raise your.. morale

Lips or nips, which of my (F) ass-ets deserves more love ??

Say please and I (F) always offer a feel ?

Does my (F) ass look good from your angle (M)

Let me (f) know if you see anything you want

What’s up gamers (F)

Help me (F) decide

Would you make me (F) play by myself or invite some company??

Who would blow my (F) perky nipples while I play?

Cum for me (F) and then we’ll play!

My (F) elven lips deserve your cum, let me prove it

Good morning! Make me (F) moan please daddy

Raise your… hand to join the play-with-me (F) queue

Doesn’t anyone want to blow my (F) nipples? It’s so quiet tonight

What do I (F) make you wanna do

Wanna try my (F) fave game, or maybe you know a good one?

Cum play with me (F)

Hi perky nipple lovers <3 (F) ?

Do my (F) soft breasts make you hard

Any dads have a well hung shelf for a naughty el(f)?

Wake uppp I (F) wanna play for wetness day!

Need a study, massage, release friend this term- I’m (F) all the wrong kinds of sore

Puffy and perky today! (F) who would play

What fantasy should we (F) satisfy tonight

Who are my (F) Tituesday lovers, and what do they love

Galadriel’s gifts - do you have one for me (F) in return

In case you missed my (F) boobs

Good moaning, how can I (F) help you get ready?

Who in the world of men dares cum before Galadriel (F)

These are a couple reasons I (F) don’t do my own homework anymore

Grail goddess (F) here for your Sunday prayers ??

What sin would you cummit with me (F)?

Take me (F) to or at church?

Good morning - wood you worship me (F) before we go to church?

Do you know how to befriend an elf? (F)

I guess I (F24) have to stretch myself out tonight …

I’m (F) that one sexy cat slut you thought was a man ?

Order in or eat me (F) out tonight?

Anyone still up for me (F)?

News flash: my (F) classes are boring, I’d rather be naughty

Oh no, did I get you up before bed? Let me (F) help ?

Addicted to showing off my (F) sensitive pierced nipples ?

Plug or panty vibe for my (F) morning class tomorrow?

Woke up horny, came twice, working on three (F) ?send help

Hi 🙂 (F24)

We elves (F) shower differently ??

We didn’t cover these points class, so can you help me (F) after

Oops - is Friday the deadline to submit (F) as homework?

My (F) puffy nipples need your love ??

Just a college teen (F24) looking for new study buddies ?

Would you come over for game night with me (F)?

I (F) lost a gaming bet, so enjoy your winnings ?

Can one of my (f)irst nudes still make you hard? If so prove it ??

Convince me (F) to be naughty tonight?

Do any of you want to cover my tits (F) or should I cum alone

Here they (F) are, is that what you wanted sir?

Kiss my nipples and tell me how you’d make me (F) cum?

Play with my (F) sensitive pink nipples, or cum on them instead?

I’m (F24) aching for your fetish Friday orders ?

Wanna play turns - I’ll (F) go down first?

Who thinks they can resist my (F) shower me face?

Hands up, who would ask me (F) to go down?

Don’t make me (F) wait, what’s next?

Who’s cumming over for game night with me (F)

Who wants to help warm up my (F) chilly nipples?

If you die on my (F) watch I’ll suck you, who wants to play

Soft, pillowy, and needing your attention - what am I (F)

Think I (F) look cute begging?

First time blowjob post - should I (F) cum back with the mess (M)?

Mrw asked to show my (F) homework

Happy Titty Tuesday from your naughty elf (F) ?

Last try - tell me how you’d make me (F) squirt

As ordered I (F24) take it in the ass for freeselfshotgirls (M)

I (F) love taking orders even when I know I shouldn’t, try me

Imagine me (F) draining you onto my perky, soft tits

Would you breed me (F) and how

I (F24) just love being submissive and making guys cum, would you use me?

Healer training 101: (F)lash your tits. Am I forgetting anything?

Why should I (F) spread? Slutty reasons only

Alright, I’ll take the top request if you make it worth my (F) time

Where are you cumming for me (F)

Who’s waving to me (F) while I play

Will no one help warm my (F24) nipples? They are begging

Who is up and wants me (F) to help them go down

Think the neighbors hear me (F) moan?

No underwear for casual Friday makes me (F) wet and needy

Showing off my (F) perky tits and eager mouth

Bored and hot ask me (F) naughty things

Who am I (F24) playing with tonight

Who will finish the nymph (F) breeding ceremony?

Ex just told me (F) I look chubby now ?

Say hi if you wanna bury your face between my (F) thighs

Taken on request, got one for me (F)??

I (F24) want to be a fucking goddess, help me practice?

I (F) want to go to sleep dripping, who’ll help?

Showed my coworker this as “progress pics” over drinks now I’m (F) dripping

Who could use a little me (F)

Yes sir, I (F) made sure they all did

I’ll (F) only cum on your (M) command, I promise ??

Eat my (F) Pixar milf pussy?

Hi new, for the two that’ll see my beautiful body (F)

Play with my (F) nipples while I stroke?

Would you dream of me (F)?

What do you dream of doing to me (F)

I’m (F) feeling playful tonight

Tell me (F) what you want

Hope you enjoy gamer slut (F) boobs!

Show me (F) your offering

Are all my (F) nipple suckers asleep already?

(f)ridays are for games ?how would we play? ?

Try me (F) ?

WWYD to me (F) in the woods

If you’ve cum for me tell me (F) why ??

Being a naughty tease at the pool - would you cum on to me (F)?

My (F) twat on your face is the best cure for a hangover ?

Do small nymphos (F) get your attention

I heard there are free Doms? Can I (F) have one fuck me on the beach please ?

Happy fourth, this is my (F) second (M) ??

Fight for body (F)reedom!! Happy Fourth Banner!! ????

Gone? Why not cum wild? (F)

Beach day!! (f)

Good morning, want my butt (F)

WYR cum on my (F) pierced nipples or soft lips?

I’m (F) extra sexy and need cum today ?

I was a naughty kitten today - how would you punish me (F)

Wanna try froggy style with me (F) ?

No bra white T for Zoom class - think you’d notice my (F) nips

Think I (f) can make the next one cum all the way to my braids?

Will you cover me (F) for titty Tuesday

Pick one, pinch blow or cum on my (F) nipples

Was told to keep my dignity, so .. who would creampie and breed me (f)

Slightly spready and ready (f) .. ok fine, needy ?

How would you plow me (f) today

If I win you eat me, if you win I’m (f)ree use - game on?

Who’ll last long enough for me (f) if I pounce your cock

Bored between games - want to play with my (f) boobs?

First banner post attempt - would you help me (f) stretch?

Preview of my (f) evening plans

Reminder to be nice to your healer - she’s (f) just busy playing

How often do you cum? For me (f)?

Where would you cum? Daddies must finish inside me (F) though

I (f)eel breedable this Father’s Day

Any other naughty gamers stay in tonight? (F)

Anyone else get weekend horny? (F)

I (f) always leave the door open ?

In one word, how suckable do my (F) nipples look

I’m aching (f)or a new toy - 10” or 12”?

Playing with my (f) shower head - help me cum

Would you cum over if I (f) sent you this revealed

What would you do if you walked in on me (f) like this at work??

Always ready to (f)lash on command ??

Would you cum down my (F) rabbit hole

I (F) was naughty, how will you punish me? ??

You boys want my (f) girls?

Let me (f) ease you into Moanday

Sun day sneak (F)

Another busty blonde, but I’m your (f)antasy succubus

Nobody belong anywhere, everybody’s gonna die, cum watch TV? (f)

My (f) lips need wetting ?

Don’t wake me, just take me (F)

Who wants my (f)irst hole peek

Ride ‘n dine - would you lick me till I (f) gush?

Who’ll lend me (f) their face

(f) Sun, sex, and ___

(f) Good morning ☀️

Dream of covering me (F)

Am I (F) a good welcum home, sir

Wwyd if you found me (F) ??‍♀️

Waking you up (f)or work ?

Ask me (f) something naughty, make me drip

How would you spread my (F) legs?

Who wanted my (F) ass?

Make me (F) moann

Cum, make me (F) a happy kitten ??

Who wants my (F) perky coed tits - they’re sensitive ?

Get in here (F), I need you

I’m adickted, give me (F) more ??

Give me (f) a good sub rule to obey daddy ??

Cum for me (f) and be my Saturdaddy

Paint me (F) or sate me?

Nymph archer (F) aching for release

Try to exhaust me (F), I’m begging

I (F) want cum, where is it? ?

Would you make me (F) your scream queen? ?

Enchanting the wood to grow strong and (f)irm

Can I (F) be your morning fantasy?

Rest your weary soul in my (F) bosom?

Wish upon a star, but ride upon a rainbow (F) ?

Goddess (F) on the hunt

I’m (F) looking for the hardest wood in the forest, can you help me? ??‍♀️

Tell me (F) your fantasy

Start with my (F) nipples and office your way down ?

Grinding to becum a pro face tester ?? how would you score? (F)

What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever seen in person? It could be me (F) 😉

Would you rather blow my (F) perky nipples or taste the rainbow?

Hi hi my (F) tituesday friends!

My (F) rainbow isn’t for reading ?

If you aren’t up, I’ll (F) bet you will be soon ?

How would you worship my (F) breasts

Guess what caused my (F) Moan-a Lisa smirk

(F)irst post here - hope you welcum thin elves!

Who will (f)ull-fill the rites tonight

You all were so nice to my (f) first post so here’s a tease ?

Rancher’s daughter looking for her (F) missing bull ?

They’ll slip off if you can make me (F) laugh

How many want to try sucking my (F) pierced nipples?

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