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(F)avorite star wars movie....Return of the Jedi

I should shop in the petite boys section more often, what a great shirt (F)

Winter is actually coming and im not a sweet summer child (F)

Starting some Game of Thrones books over and dressed (f)or easy access after banging scenes

LotR series and chill tonight? I love fridays even more now (F)

Needed a break (f)rom the Targaryen family tree, so I opted for some of the classics

I guess I need to invest in some House of the Dragon swag (F)

I think nerd is an understatement here....(f)

I hope these were the nips you were looking (f)or

Tell me your favorite god or goddess and why (F)

I hope your light saber turned 9n when you saw this (F)

Stop looking at my Star wars shoes, my breasts are up here (F)

Calvin Ball anyone? (F)

Just looking (f)or the Jon Snow to my Ygritte

These are the boobs youre looking for (f)

Lets play Calvin Ball tomorrow (F)

I need someone to teach me GIS Pro....GIS didnt need a sequel! (F)

Legalos, what do your elf eyes see? (F)

Are these the boobs youre looking (f)or?

Winter isnt the only thing cumming (F)

Are you more interested in the star wars vans or my breasts (f)

I cant tell i(f) youre more interested in me or the book between my legs

Tell Cersi....I have better breasts than her (F)

Anyone a (f)an of the classics?

Expla9n new Obi Won movie, wrong answers only (F)

Omg stop staring at my star wars shoes, my tits are up here (F)

I cant keep watching Stranger Things with your hard cock distracting me (f)

Can you aim better than the stormtroopers and hit my tits? (F)

May the 4th be with you (f)

im as cute as an ewok but a lit less (f)uzzy

I was raised on Star Wars, Indiana Jones, HP, and Calvin and Hobbes. I was destined for nerdom (f)

I(F) you cant tell, im cold. Anyone have a spare tauntaun I can crawl into?

Your vet tech has cute breasts and doesnt wear a bra under her Star Wars scrubs (F)

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