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POV: Mikasa is waiting (f)or you to eat her butt

Hakuna my tatas (f)

Come get your master sword wet in my water temple (f)

Star Wars marathon at my place? (f)

Ive heard Slytherin girls give the best head. Want to (f)ind out?

Can I use your (f)ace as a gaming chair?

Rick and Morty and chill? (f)

Star Wars porn marathon? (f)

Trying to convince you to come over and play Zelda with me. Is it working? (f)

You dont mind if Bulbasaur watches while we (f)uck?

Have you ever seen a xenomorph bulbasaur? (f)

Ill let you use my rear as a chair while you game (f)

Harry Potter porn marathon? (f)

Is Stitch nerdy enough? (f)

When I (f)ind out that hes a nerd too ❤

Are there any comic book nerds in here? Whos your (f)avorite?

Want to play DnD with me? (f)

Tell me your (f)avorite dinosaur joke/pun

Whats your (f)avorite Pokémon?

Come over and watch cartoons with me? (f)

DnD and chill? (f)

Any horror video nerds in here? Whats your (f)avorite?

Harry Potter camera marathon? (f)

Would you (f)uck Mavis Dracula?

Happy hump day! (f)

Lets start our date by watching Attack on Titan and then (f)inish with hentai. Deal?

Do you agree that Slytherin girls are the kinkiest? (f)

POV: Youre getting ready to titty (f)uck Mavis Dracula

(f) Lets go on a date to a botanical garden

Attack on Titan and chill? (f)

Whats your (f)avorite anime?

I wonder how many drivers caught me (f)

(F) What game should we play?

I love driving with my boobs out (f)

I hope you like my Mavis cosplay (f)

Harry Potter movie marathon? (f)

I love (f)lashing my tits in public

I love driving with my breasts out (f)

Have you ever (f)ucked outdoors?

I wonder i(f) anyone at 7/11 noticed...

I just wanted to show you my ti- I mean my Tony Stark (F)unko Pop

I wonder i(f) anyone at Home Depot got a boner...

Can anyone guess whats on my hoodie? (f)

(F) Who else is excited about Dr. Strange 2?

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