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I need a volunteer to swap out this pillow (f)or me ??

(F)ree use

Taking a office break, but I think it would be so much more (f)un with you there… ?

I’m ready (f25)or you ???

(F25) I just can’t help waking up so so sexy in the morning! I need to be satiated ?????

I think I’m prettiest when I’m covered in cum, don’t you? (f25)

Good morning, freeselfshotgirls! Did you miss me? (f)

How many (f)riends are you bringing with you?

Slap my booty and call me pretty ? (f)

Here to ruin your life, will you let me? (f)

I’m stuck in bed a(f)ter coming back from the hospital… how will I ever pass the time??

I (f)ucked a stranger on my work trip last night. When can I fuck you?

I enjoy playing with mysel(f25) wayyy too much ?

What would you do with me (f)or the long weekend?

I just want to be banged in (f)ront of a window, is that too much to ask for??

Goooood morning ? (F25)

Nothing like some espresso to start the day of(f) right

They are just WAITING to be sucked on (f25)

In honor of my (f)irst cake day on freeselfshotgirls, here is a good bit of cake for y’all to enjoy ?

What are you waiting (f)or, get in!! ??

POV: you’re waiting for me when I (f)inish my shower, with your penis in your hand and a ravenous look in your eye ?

Where are you shooting your load? (F)

I think covered in cum is when I’m sexiest (F)

(F)or anyone who has followed my little escapade, here is what my neighbor saw ??

(F25)I was hanging out with my plants when something wild happened (more in comments) ?

Hope(f)ully your POV later ?

Hope(f)ully your POV later ?

Hope(f)ully your POV later ?

(F25) I wish it wasn’t just water dripping down my tits ?

Where would you lick (F)irst? ?

Now I just need someone to push me back on this hotel bed and (f)uck me to oblivion ?

Where do you think this key leads? Best guess gets a prize ? (f)

(F)eeling like cuddle fucking, any volunteers?

Craving freeselfshotgirls’s attention today ? (f25)

(f25) Just showered… help me get dirty again? ?

(F25)We made it throug the week! Time to celebrate with some cake ?

How about some thighs and a nice piece of ? (f)or dinner?

I’m getting a late start to my day and being lazy in bed ? what’s your Saturday looking like? (f25)

I’m soft, but I’m also heckin strong ? (f25)

All alone this morning ? (f25)

Dinner is served ? (F25)

Sunday morning vibes and I’m (f)eeling goooood

I’m literally begging (f)or attention ?

(F) I showered and never got dressed… now what?

Anyone wanna join me in bed? ? (F25)

Happy sexy (F)riday freeselfshotgirls!

Anyone here (f)ancy tiny strong girls?

I need to get dicked down (f25)

Will you scrub my back? ? (f25)

(f25) Good morning freeselfshotgirls ?

Bored and hot please (f)ind help!

This hotel shower was (f)un ?

Continuing to show of(f) to the neighbors ?

I let the dildo do all the office (f)or Labor Day ?

Anyone else awake and horny? (f25)

(f25) My nipples are so hard this morning ? can anyone help?

Out (f)rom the shower but still wet ?

Am I a snack or a whole damn meal? ? (f)

(F25) Anyone else wakeup super sexy today?

(f25) I love playing in the Saturday mornjng sunlight ?

(f25) I don’t want get out of bed ?

Your shirt looks better on me anyway ? (f25)

Happy (F)riday, here is an artsy fartsy picture for you ?

Are thicc arms and thighs attractive? ? (f25)

What would you do with me? (f25)

Lazy Saturdays are my (f)avorite ☺️

You wanna join me (f)or a movie night? ?

Tbh I just really like this picture ? (f)

(f25) Anyone needing an afternoon snack? ?

It’s hump day, but will you hump me? (f25)

(F)or anyone experiencing Sunday Scaries, come relieve some stress with me! ?

I’ve got my hands (f)ull - could you help me out?

(f25) Am I on your Sunday to-do list?

Happy weekend, freeselfshotgirls! ? (f25)

Don’t be shy, zoom in ?(f25)

(F25) This crappy week can kiss my ass… hellooooo weekend!!

(F25) Do y’all light tiny strong girls?

Choke me and tell me I’m a good slut (F25)

(F25) Gooood morning!! ?

I can’t sleep. Can you? (F25)

I’m ready (f)or you! ?

No clever caption, just my titties (f)

Sunday (F)unday ? Where would you start?

Hiiii Happy Weekend! (F25)

What if I joined all my work calls like this today? Would anyone mind? (f)

Had a disappointing date so (f)igured I’d undress for you instead ?

Next time, can it be your hands on my ass? (f)

I crashed on your couch and you woke up to this… what would you do? (f25)

Big Monday morning stretch! I hope you have a good week ? (F25)

I’m starting this sunny Sunday off right ? (f25)

Y’all I’m dreaming up my vacation in skimpy swimsuits… or maybe no swim suit. I can’t wait! (f25)

Having a (f)at plug in my rear makes me so wet ?

Just basking in the afternoon sun ft. my plants shadows ☀️?(f25)

Will you join me (f)or coffee in the morning?

I love (f)eeling so full, but I could always be more full ?

Goooood morning! (f)

This toy really did (f)ill me up ?

Mornings are (f)or the only stretches that count ?

Biiiiig stretch (f25)

How I like to spend my weekends - tied up and covered in cum (f)

Unwinding a(f)ter a long work week, ft. Sucky Ducky

On my knees is clearly where I belong ? (f)

On my knees is clearly where I belong ? (f)

Enjoying my morning routine in my Calvins ? (f)

Part o(f25) me wishes he came inside of me but the other part loved how good I look

Being stuck inside with covid has me really entertaining mysel(f25) in all sorts of ways

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