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Goodnight, honey ? (f)

Come home early from work, k? ?(f)

Meet me for coffee? (f)

I smell like vanilla… (f)

Let’s be comfy today… (f)

Tell me where you’d start (f)

Be a good boy and come here (f)

Let’s have some fun before the kids get up… (f)

Imagine how soft my skin is… (f)

How do you want me? (f)

Could you go all night? (f)

Shower with me? (f)

It’s always titty Tuesday over here (f)

You make me smile (f)

It’s yours if you want it but only if you’re a good boy ? (f)

Hi lovers ? tell me how your day is going so far! (f)

Let’s play (f)

Goodnight, honey ? (f)

This bodysuit is working some magic over here… (f)

Date night last night… ? (f)

best way to start the day… ? (f)

Mommy has to pick up the dildos off the floor… ? (f)

Hi honey… ? (f)

Like my outfit? ? (f)

Ready to go back to bed… you coming? (f)

Heels on or off? (f) ?

Underwear is overrated… (f)

Be my gym buddy with benefits? (f)

Want to cum over? (f)

Midday banging might be my favorite… (f) ?

Hubby made me cum 5 times last night… could you? (f)

What would you do next? (f)

Sundays are for being lazy… come cuddle me? (f)

Last night’s outfit… ? (f)

Kids are gone for the day so what do mommy and daddy do?? ? (f)

(F)it mommy reporting for duty! ???

I love the stretch marks on my hips… ?? (f)

(F)riday fact: 34G ?

Stretch me out? (f)

Come closer… (f)

Thinking about how I pleased my horny hubby last night… ? (f)

Where are we going on our date? Hubby wants to know you’ll treat me right… ? (f)

Bad slut or good? ?? (f)

Get over here ? (f)

Will you pull them off with your teeth? (f)

Come home on your lunch break? ? (f)

Happy Sunday! ☀️ (f)

Good morning! ☀️ (f)

Mom jeans on this mom bod (f)

34 and hornier than ever… (f)

Tell me what you need… (f)

A night away from the kids means lots of hotel banging (f)

Tell me where you’d start… (f)

Would you take me on a date? Hubby wants to know… (f)

It’s too beautiful for clothes… ? (f)

Feeling very Barbie in this… ??‍♀️? (f)

Sunday ☀️ (f)

Dinner and a movie tonight? (f)

I’ll be your date to the gym… but only after hubby gets his workout in with me… ?? (f)

I’ll be your date to the gym… but only after hubby gets his workout in ? (f)

This shade of green is my favorite... ? (f)

Did you see me at the gym? ? Now you can stop wondering… (f)

Chicks dig scars (f) ?

How would you want it? (f)

Where would you start? ?(f)

No time to get on the bed… I need you now ? (f)

Happy Sunday babes ?☀️ (f)

Good morning ☀️ (f)

You up? (f)

Good girl or bad girl? I go both ways… (f) ?

Want to pull my hair as I look back at you? (f)

Let’s play (f)

Should I keep my heels on? ?? (f)

My birthday is tomorrow… it’s cancer season baby! ♋️ ? (f)

My birthday is on Monday… meet me for a coffee date? ☕️ (f)

(f)uck me before you go to work?

It’s too beauty to be wearing all these clothes (f)

Maybe you want to have a quickie on your lunch break? (f)

About last night… hubby gave it to me so good (f)

You just walked in on me getting out of the shower… (f)

Who’s gonna wash my back? (f)

Mommy’s always bending over to pick toys off the (f)loor…

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