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(F)unctional panties: in case you need access to me, under my dress, in a public space …

(F)riday, full spread ?

Thursday a(f)ternoon …. ☕️

What i(f)…..

Lighten your heavy load & (f)eel me … ?

I have a cum (f)etish …

(F)resh glazing

I(f) you were to feel me up under my dress …

Summer (f)riday evening together, you get me alone and pull my dress to the side ….

Rub a dub dub, (f)un in the tub ?

(F)eeling buff in the buff ?

(F)reak me baby ?

It’s my pleasure to give you a joy(f)ul perspective ?✔️

You came …. And I was flattered when I realized you were my biggest of(f)icial fan ?

Trying to (f)it it all on 1 photo ?

You need to use your (f)ingers or make me spread wider to break the seal of my voluptuous lips …

It (f)eels so soft

Can’t decide i(f) this dress is too slutty to wear to dinner or not … and if I could dress it down a thin … ?

Your mouth dri(f)ting down the satiny scenery … ?

(F)rontal friendly familiar entrée ??

Playing (f)avorites

(f)eel like I’m channeling Sergeant Callahan in these ??? “yes, sir, yes ma’am!!!”


I(f) you get friendly with my petite clit, it gets eager and …swollen. Maybe it gets a lil bigger.. but just a lil. ?

Let’s sit and talk (f)or a while … ?

Here’s an upskirt (f)or you, since it’s Friday ?

Looking for some new (f)urniture. The kind you sit on ?

You’re sitting across the room. What would you do if i (f)lashed you a glimpse under my dress?

Need a (f)istful of hair or ass?

I’ll sit on your (f)ace and make you sniff and lick my vagina through my stockings…

(F)ishnets, no panties & tits. Think you could wiggle your fingers between the the holes at strategic places ? ?

Thinking o(f) you casually teasing my pussy from this angle while we’re lounging around, officially gets me going … ?

I fancy fun, flirty (F)ridays, feeling your flesh ?????‍♀️

It’s of(f)icially your bedtime, let’s get you tucked in … ?

Power naps are (f)or reading favorite memezzz and … ?

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