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This title is getting an (F) for effort but a solid D for the picture.

Mondays suck. Speaking of suck…(f)

Do these jeans make my breasts look big? (f)(oc)

Today is gunna be laundry day if you can’t tell. (f)

Hope you’re thirsty (f)

When your boobs are the headliner but your booty is making a cameo (f)

Hope you did your civic duty today (oc)(f)

Want to take a nap with me? (oc)(f)

Are my curves too much? (oc)(f)

I can smother you like a Waffle House hash dark (f)

What’s your safe word? (f)

If you’re reading this then I guess you stopped scrolling long enough to look at me. If you did that then you’re awesome. (f)

Good morning all. Hope my tits can brighten your week. (f)

Happy Sunday all you freeselfshotgirlsers (f)

Good morning my lovelies. Does anyone need a hug? (f)

This makes me look a lot taller than I actually am (f)

This makes me look a lot taller than I actually am (f)

Happy October. Trick or Treat? (f)

Pretty sure I could titty (f)uck you into another dimension

One for the butt/side boob fans out there (f)

Who wants some cuddles? (f)

Do you even Master Sword bro? (f)

Got me bent over. What’s your next move? (oc)(f)

This is how I wink at you ? (oc)(f)

Good morning world. Hope you finish the day strong and roll into a relaxing weekend. (f)(oc)

Crawl over here please. I need to show you something. (oc)(f)

Good morning. Hope you don’t have the Monday Blues. (f)

How hard do you want it? (oc)(f)

My photographer thought this robe made me look like Rick Flair….with big tits……WOOOO! (oc)(f)

Good morning my lovelies (oc)(f)

Would you like to join me? (oc)(f)

“Thank You Enjoy” (oc)(f)

Have I got you seeing red? (oc)(f)

I’m going to be a dinosaur when I grow up. ? (oc)(f)

Got to get cleaned up before I go out tonight. (oc)(f)

Care to get smothered? (oc)(f)

Clime aboard cowboy. (f)(oc)

Want to squeeze in there? (oc)(f)

Where are you taking me? (oc)(f)

Good morning and happy Friday (oc)(f)

Thank Goddess it’s Friday (oc)(f)

Happy hump day. ? (oc)(f)

Think a lot of you like small girls but I’m team thick/curvy all the way ? (oc)(f)

Don’t show my rear off too much. Also I’ve apparently lost a leg (oc)(f)

Is it wrong to look at this and think my breasts look like the eyes of a muppet? (oc)(f)

Ugh don’t want to work today. Just want to slide back in bed. (oc)(f)

Good morning all. Happy hump day ? (f)(oc)

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