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Keeping my legs closed like the most goodest coed (f)

My “the socks stay on, okay?” (F)ace apparently

Like my freaking li(f)e depends on it, happy Election Day Americans, happy thirty Tuesday everyone!

Do you think the teacher will know that my back pack is full of fairy smut instead of my homework? (F)or the banner

Where would you take me (f)or an adventure this weekend? I’m ready to go!

Slightly off topic but I’m honestly so excited to have hard copies of some of my (f)ave shots!

Thinking about starting to date again, would you want a g(f) like me?

WWYD if I was your g(f) and texted this and told you I’m ovulating?

Patiently waiting for you to get home and make me a MIL(F)

Your POV when you wake up a(f)ter hearing “teach me to be your small fuckdoll daddy”

Meal prep Sunday: working to keep your balls empty and your tummy (f)ull

My hookup (f)laked, help a babe out and replace the pillow?

Which cake you goin for first? Excited (f)or a banner year!

What’s your go to move (f)or getting me to spread em?

Make me a housewi(f)e, daddy?

Do you think I get too wet? (F)

Can we do some tummy Tuesday? (F)or something to hang onto and the tits, thighs, and rear don’t happen without it!

Begging to be (f)illed with your cum this morning

Ravishing in Red i(f) I say so myself

Pretty and Pink, (f)inal in the color series ?

Power(f)ul in Purple

Blue and beauti(f)ul, doing a whole color series!

Green with envy over all the cute red bottoms (f)rom other girls

(f)eeling pretty AND pink, stay tuned for a whole color series!

Should I give the neighbors a bit o(f) a show?

Waiting (f)or you to get home from work

What i(f) you just call in sick to work and stay with me?? Please?

Daddy idk about this outfit you picked (f)or me, are you sure this is what everyone wears to school??

POV you just heard me yell “everything is ready (f)or you to take to work, it’s all waiting by the door”

Getting ready (f)or school to start tomorrow, would you eat lunch with me?

Sunday (F)unday with bondage, where are you putting the clamps?

Drunken bar bathroom boobs, happy bir(f)day to me!

This lighting is making me (f)eel myself this morning, what should I wear today sir?

When I turned 30 I suddenly hated my boobs, but I’m turning 32 this weekend and realized over the last few years I’m sexy a(f)

Wishing your penis was between my tits, be a (f)riend and help a teen out?

Ever since I got broken up with I am desperate, wish you here to (f)uck me

On my knees just (f)or you, teach me to worship you?

Would you be able to pull out? Or would you breed me if we (f)ucked?

Would you be able to pull out if you (f)ucked me? Or would you breed me daddy?

POV: I’m your girlfriend, drunk, at a pool party, and begging you to (f)uck me

If I was your girl(f)riend, and this is how we woke up, how would we spend the rest of the day? ?

I’m in my bed, you’re in yours, one o(f) us in the wrong place

Feeling really (f)eminine in my shape, should we make feminine Friday a thing?

There’s just something about a bar room bathroom, you can’t see the scars (f)from my nippie piercings too bad, right?? ?

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