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Trying to make the naughty list this year ? (f)

All the good girls vote ? (f)

Wanna hit? ? (f)

Waters Per(f)ect ?

Who’s ready (f)or a wkend intercourse marathon? ?

When she’s a hotwi(f)e & knows how to use a ratchet strap ??

Care to lend a hand? ?(f)

About yesterday ? (f)

Let’s start in the kitchen ? (f)

Join me ? (f)

Please cum distract me (f)rom this paperwork ?

Hubby just left (f)or work, who’s coming to play? ?

Mondays are hard ? (f)

That Vitamin D (f)eels so good ?

Did you dream o(f) me? ?

Mondays don’t have to be all bad ? (f)

I’m still wet ? (f)

Slippery when wet ?? (f)

Happy (F)uck (M)e Friday ?

You can play with them i(f) you want ?

Lick my lips before you (f)uck me ??

Early Monday morning in the o(f)fice but office is the last thing on my mind ?

Shower beer kinda night ? (f)

And (f)or my next trick, I will need a volunteer ??

My post workout cool down, his warm up ? (f) (m)

(F)irst sex, then coffee ?

(F)uck me until your sheets are soaked ?

Once I’ve (f)inished this DIY project, who should I office on next? ??

I’m always in the mood to make you cum ? (f)

Down (f)or a morning workout? First orgasm counts as the warm up ??

Is 56° ? Will you come keep me warm? ? (f)

Join me ? (f)

Squeezing into all the tight spaces, I don’t want to miss an inch ? (f)

G’morning ? (f)

(F)uck the gym… let’s sexercise ??

Don’t tell me what to do, just do it ? (f)

More morning intercourse please ? (f)

Sex, weed and Summer ☀️??? (f)

Suns out ? (f)

u/funtimesoh22 is super handsy today ? (f)

This day next week, I’ll be anticipating your arrival u/stlcity91nch ?? (f) (m)

Anyone else having a case o(f) the Mondays? ?

Get in ? (f)

Hello Weekend ? Tell me about your naughty plans ? (f)

Hope you have a hot Thursday ? (f)

Break(f)ast is ready ?

AC is still broken… Is it too sexy (f)or you to come over? ?

Hot and Wet ? (f)

My plans (f)or the weekend include lots of weed and lots of sex. What about you? ?

My plans (f)or the weekend include lots of weed and lots of sex. What about you? ?

Car is in the shop. Oven doesn’t work. AC is out until next week. Current coping strategy is not working. Need a handy man stat ??? (f)

19 days and counting u/stlcity91nch ? (f) (m)

Would you, if you could? (f)

Hot today ? (f)

Your turn ? (f)

Kiss me ? (f)

I wanna do bad things with you ? (f)

Help me have dirty dreams tonight ? (f)

I like the thought of showering together ? (f)

It’s hump day, you should be humping me rn ? (f)

Any guessing how I’m spending my last morning in KW? ??? (f)

Weed, sex, coffee… per(f)ect Sunday morning.

How’s the view? (f)

Breakfast anyone? (f) (m)

Key West Vibes ? (f)

Should I pack these or no? ? (f)

You’d sleep better if we had fucking (f)

About last night… (f) (m)

Can someone help with the hard to reach spots? ?? (f)

Oh hey hubby! I agree… a third would be so much fun ? (f) (m)

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