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Fuck me like you mean it! (f)

You’re not leaving here until I cum your mouth (f)

Taste me (f)

I’ve got a hot surprise for you later (f)

I can barely concentrate; I just keep thinking about how I am going to torture you. (f)

I’m going to mark you as mine tonight (f)

Something for you to be thankful for (f)

I’m going to drain your balls tonight! (f)

Give me…Every Last Drop (m)(f)

Getting a small strapped (f)

I want you addicted (f)

A shower doesn’t make me less Dirty (f)

When your bitch is away and you have this waiting for him. (f)

I love when he behaves (f)(m)

I feel so sexy and I love you helpless when I dominate you. (f)

I’m going to break you tonight.(m)(f)

Tonight it is all about me, so get down on your knees and put that tongue to work (f)

I love you on your knees waiting for me (f)

Proof of ownership. Riding my tiny bitch at the beach (F)

Let’s get your tongue right in here (f)

I want you to only think of me (f)

I love how red your booty gets (f)

What should I do with a naughty little boy like you? (f)

You want this? You better earn it (f)

I’m going to paint your face tonight. Make you wear it with pride of ownership. (f)

When I let him cum. He must use his tongue to clean it all up. (f)

Should I let you cum? (f)

I want your tongue on my boots (f)

Who’s gunna be a good boy for me? (f)

Nothing like some and skin and leather panties to make Sunday fun. (f)

Stay very still, while I smother your face (f)

I’m gunna make you mine (f)

Should I tie your wrists to my thighs? (f)

Cum into the kitchen for a snack (f)

I knew that mouth would be good for one thing (f)

Let me feed you this (f)

Give you something to work on, on this Labor Day (f)

How many do you think you can take? (f)

Think you deserve this? (F)

You’ll look so good on your knees, pleasing me (f)

I’m going to plow you, like the thin young you are (f)

Be a good boy and clean up this mess (F)

Get on all fours so that I can abuse your ass. (f)

Come a tiny closer. Let’s hook your leash right here. (f)

Tell me you don’t deserve it. I wanna hear you beg me. (f)

I’m gunna put these in your pretty small mouth (f)

When your tongue is busy in my ass. We all know who owns this dick (f)

Who wants to be my tiny bitch? (f)

You’re going to eat me out until I’m dripping wet. (f)

I never want to hurt you, but I love lightly choking you. (f)

Riding my small young hard on the boat today. Should I let him cum? (f)

You’re going to beg me for it later (f)

Stay very still for me (f)

Open Wide (F)

Assume the position (f)

You can’t help getting hard can you? (f)

What kind of a girl gets off like you just did (F)

Who’s ready for breakfast? (F)

If you are a good boy. You may lick me. (f)

As a punishment, I’m going to tie you up and punish you later (F)

I’m gunna use your face as a seat (F)

You’re going like how this (f)eels

Come here (f)

Take off your clothes and get in the bed (f)

I want to use you as my personal fuck toy (f)

I let you choose your reward this time (F)

(F)ocus on how I can make you feel

Crawl over here to me (F)

I love how hard you try (f)or me.

You know I can have you anytime I want (f)

Let me help you with that sweetheart (f)

Be good, it will be easier (F)

Are you worthy of my attention (F)

I want you on your knees (F)

Touch yourself for me (F)

You can look but you can’t touch (F)

Leather gloves…..the perfect edging tool for a woman like you (F)

Ask (F)or permission before you cum. I wanna hear you beg for it.

Tell me how badly you want it (F)

Scream my name (f)

Are you ready for me to do anything I want to you? (F)

All alone on this lazy Saturday morning (f)

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