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Daddy’s petite princess? (f) ??

I’d love to have my hole licked right now (f) ??

I need a daddy to hold me (f) ??

Treat me like a princess (f) ??

My favorite loungewear (f) ??

I need strong daddy hands on my hips (f) ??

Lather me up in the shower (f) ??

Nerdy and slutty (f) ??

I love a cute choker hehe (f) ??

Bratty but can’t take the punishment (f) ??

I make this pillow look large (f) ??

I need a daddy (f) ??

#Tbt I was a bit curvier a few months ago ? I miss it a bit (f) ?

Feeling confident enough to post this (f) ??

I need a snuggle and a spank (f) ??

I need to be worn out (f) ??

Bend me over the counter (f) ??

I’d love a strong hand caressing me (f) ??

Being a good coed (f) ??

I need a spanking (f) ??

Getting ready for daddy (f)?

Cuddles are appreciated (f) ??

Need a primal daddy to mount me (f) ??

It’s been awhile since I posted a nude, this is for the daddy Doms (f)

Princess needs some post-shower attention (f)??

Moved to my new place.. but don’t worry I brought my pillow with me (f)??

I hope daddy likes (f) ??

Close to Orgasm (f) ??

I wish my roommates husband would find me like this (f) ??

Here to submit to daddy (f) ??

How much of my speech do you think I could rehearse while you’re thrusting inside me before I’m moaning “Daddy” (f) ??

Mount me daddy (f) ??

Ready to service daddy (f) ??

What do I have to do to become Daddy’s princess? (f) ??

I love having my hips grabbed (f) ??

I’ve been naughty today (f) ??

Grab my arms and pull them close to you as you bend me over (f) ??

Passionate sex in the sun is my favorite when I’m not being kinky (f) ??

Turn off the lights and come grope me in the shower (f) ??

You’re trying to go to bed but I’m too sexy to let you do that (f) ??

Welcome home Daddy (f) ??

Restrain me (f) ???

Waiting patiently for daddy to come home and dominate me (f) ??

What are you feeling tonight.. top or bottom? (f) ??

Take a break and play with Princess (f) ??

I need a daddy to come take the place of my pillows (f) ??

It’s been a long night.. just bend me over (f) ??

I need an hour of oral to relieve some stress (f) ???

Hopefully my date doesn’t think I’m a girl (f) ??

I didn’t get my way with daddy (f) ??

Post-shower role play and cuddles? (f) ???

A smile for all the dads (f) ??

I need a daddy to climb between my legs.. (f) ??

I need to be picked up and… (f) ??

Kiss me (f) ??

I need a study partner.. or a tutor (f) ??

Come stand at the edge of the bed (f) ??

Princess loves getting cozy with daddy (f) ??

Feeling very playful hehe (f) ??

Seeing my bffs dad tomorrow at a sporting event, should I sit on his lap? (f) ??

Daddy.. you know how I like to be woken up (f) ??

Daddy come put me to bed (f) ??

My fantasy right now is for a dad to use me as his pillow (f) ??

Mmm I love stretching before bed (f) ??

Everybody’s looking for something (f) ??

Come play with Princess (f) ??

Kiss me good morning, Daddy (f) ??

Pale enough to mark up (f) ??

Daddy take me for a swim (f) ??

Looking up like a good young (f) ??

Good morning to all the dads (f) ??

Can’t decided if I’d want my hair, arms or hips grabbed from this position (f) ??

I love making daddy’s cock hard (f) ??

I’ve been getting my workouts in like a good slut (f) ??

Help me hold my leg back? (f) ??

Writing papers always makes me sexy (f) ??

I need to be stretched out (f) ??

I’m sure I could make room for one more.. (f) ??

Are you going to use me or the pillow to rest your head on (f) ??

I can’t decide if I want to be cuddled or mounted by daddy (f) ??

Princess is craving submission (f) ??

How should princess seduce her roommates dad whose in town (f)????

My wardrobe when daddy’s around (f) ??

Tell me a bedtime story (f) ??

For the daddies whose favorite position is seeing how flexible I am (f) ??

Daddy I need a bigger lollipop (f) ??

Come up behind me and grab my hips after a shower (f) ??

Princess has been extra good and deserves some attention from daddy (f) ??

I want daddy to pin me to the bed (f) ??

I know how to dom but I enjoy being daddy’s princess so much more (f) ??

I only get in this position for dads (f) ??

I need a daddy to wear me out so I can sleep (f) ??

Daddy gave me something to suck on while he was at work (f) ??

Daddy told me to lay like this for when he gets home from work (f) ??

Being a tease instead of writing my ethics paper (f) ??

Went over to my friends house and had to take advantage of her mirror (f) ??

What are you grabbing first? (f)??

Princess had a small too much fun playing this morning (f) ??

Begging for the dong of my best friend’s dad (f)??

My neck won’t be so pale after daddy gets his hands on my necklace (f) ??

I need to play before I can manage to sleep (f) ??

Is it naughty that I love being caught undressed by my roommates boyfriends (f) ??

You come home after a long day and see princess ready for you (f)??

Wishing this pillow was daddy (f) ??

I may need a spanking from daddy after being naughty today (f) ??

Where would you fit? (f) ??

Waiting on a daddy to slowly spread them (f) ??

I hope this helps set the tone for a great hump day (f) ???

What would you do if you were here? (f)??

Am I soft enough to lay on? (f)??

I know how to be a good teen for daddy (f) ??

Princess’s hole needs a daddy (f) ??

Anyone want to get underneath the covers? (f)???

Any curvy daddy’s want to treat this princess? ? (f)

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