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National housekeepers day. How may I service you? (F)

National sit with a stranger day. I’d rather sit on a stranger (F)

National get ready day. Wanna help me get ready? (F)

National cream filled donut day. Who wants to turn me into a donut? (F)

Make your bed day, but first help me unmake it (F)

It’s Care Bears share your care day. Like this if you care that I’m sharing (F)

Happy Star Trek day! Who’s your (f)avorite Trek character, mine is Mr Dumbledore

Texas energy savings day. Save on gas, ride me instead (F)

Happy another look unlimited day. Go on, I want you to look (F)

National be late for something day, I hope this helps! (F)

It’s eat an extra dessert day. Whatcha picking off the menu? (F)

World beard day, can I spoil your beard today? (F)

Too sleepy for a witty title for National lazy moms day (F)

National no rhyme or reason day, so here’s a random naked (F)

Victory Day! Do you like my V? (F)

National sports day. Who wants to score with me? (F)

More Herbs, Less Salt day. I’m here for the herbs (F)

National Lyndon B Johnson day. I’m always down for an (L)BJ. (F)

National cherry popsicle day, because I love a long hard thing in my mouth (F)

National web mistress day. Kneel before me! (F)

National burger day. Who’s got the beef for these buns? (F)

National whiskey sour day. The drink tastes sour, but I taste sweet (F)

National peach pie day. Help yoursel(f) to a slice of my pie

Inner nerd day…. Who wants to be in dis nerd? (F)

National sponge cake day… how’d you like some of this cake ?(F)

Be an angel day…. Don’t let the halo fool you, I’m really a ? (F)

National tooth (f)airy day…. What are you leaving under the pillow for me?

National spumoni day… who wants a lick ? (F)

Hungary national day….. who’s hungry (f)or this ?

I’m looking for a fat stinger to celebrate world honeybee day ?(F)

(F)or international bow day, who wants to (bow)tie me up ?

National photography day… do you prefer me in (f)ront or behind the camera

(F)or national mail order day I ordered a male, this is all I got… can you help me?

Good thing it’s national thrift shop day, I seem to have lost my clothes (F)

National I love my (f)eet day, so here’s my butt (and feet)

National tell a joke day…. So what’s your best joke? (F)

National rum day…. So rum & coke or rump & poke?? (F)

Who wants to join me for National relaxation day (F)

It’s national leather craft day. Like this if you love leather ?(F)

It’s national grab some nuts day… so get over here!! (F)

Coloring in my anatomy book for National coloring book day. What’s your (f)avorite color?

National ice cream sandwich day, what (f)lavor you picking (I like both vanilla and chocolate)

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