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Some days you just can’t put a shirt on, ya know? (f)

Good morning (f)

Kitten in purrrrr…ple (f)

She’s tu(f)

Braless sweater season (f)

So thank(f)ul

The moon may be high, but I can’t see a thing in the sky (f)

Blue looks good on the sky (f)

I sometimes see you in the shadows (f)

You can look, but he can touch. (f)

Come home and claim me (f)

This thing called love. (f)

Sheer Sunday (f)

You’re perfect (f)

Saturdays are (f)or short shorts.

Kitten (f)

Bee..yond happy! (f)

Serendipity (f)

Little pooch, massive attitude (f)

Bras? this house? No. (f)

Éternel été (f)

Yep. (f)

Think about things (f)

Like a disco ball (f)

Sky Is The Limit (f)

Blue without you (f)

Smokey The Bear says… (f)

I’(m) ready (f)or you

All…horned up (f)

When the lighting is *chefs kiss* (f)

Good morning (f)

Pretty in pink (f)

Glad the turn that I made was you (f)

Is it (f)riday yet?

A ghost duet (f)

I’ll wear heels for you any day, Bee. (f)

The Chain- (f)leetwood mac

Ready (f)or you baby

What did you notice (f)irst?

Yes, I’m 33. (f)

Craving you badly (f)(m)

Just checking the mail homemade quick… (f)

How I crawl into bed with Bee (f)

Small but so(f)t

Have a seat (f)

Thank(f)ul for today

Love interruption (f)

Go your own way (f)

This must be the place (f)

She’s all legs… (f)

Hoping casual can be beauty too (f)

I’ll be seeing you (f)

How many Zoom meetings are too many? (f)

What should we play? (f)

In search o(f) another couple or slut to play with

(f)eeling pink

Come home to me (f)

Dream a small dream o(f) me

Dreaming o(f) you, Bee.

Insert something witty here (f)

Sunbeams and Chaco’s (f)

Sunbeams and Chaco’s (f)

Sea of love (f)

Wet hair. Don’t care. (f)

Cali(f)ornia Dreamin’ baby

Legs for days (f)

Bee & Kitten (f)(m)

Oh hello (f)

A petite more vanilla (f)

(f)riday flash

I’m a hand(f)ul.

A(f)ternoon snack

All his. (f)

I love you righteously (f)

Craving this tonight (f)(m)

Could use a reason to smile today! (f)

Break(f)ast? No thanks, I’m stuffed.

Adding a thin color to my life (f)

I’ll be coming home, wait (f)or me…

How I cook him break(f)ast

Probably older than you think… (f)

Shame only one person saw (f)

Bummer that my windows are tinted… (f)

(f)*ck Mondays, right?

Don’t become some background noise. A backdrop for the boys and girls. (f)

I lay it down (f)or you every time

I’m an unbound spirit, but Bee gets to harness what’s his. (f)

I’ll beg for you. (f)(m)

Aching (f)or you.

All the pretty words you say to me (f)

Sneaking a pic on a work retreat (f)

Cover me in you. (f)(m)

Needing you… (f)

I’m his bad bitch but you can be mine…. (f)

Nothing can change this love (f)

The last tan lines of the season (f)

Slow burn (f)

Juneau what I need? (f)

Can’t wait to sit on your (f)ace, baby.

Tall girl. Tall socks. (f)

I want love to walk right up and bite me. (f)

(f)eeling some kinda way…

Missing your hands on me (f)

Bring it on home to me. (f)

The only acceptable labor, today. (f)(m)

No more bras (f)or me.

I only have eyes (f)or you.

“Love me tenderly” and lick my hole like a good girl. (f)

Ready (f)or him…

We love a well hung plant. (f)

In a manner o(f) speaking…

I’ll leave the door open… (f)

(f)all is coming, tanning while I still can…

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