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going camping with hubby and some friends this weekend....wonder what kinda trouble Ill get into...??? ideas?? nsfw (f)

these panties seem to be missing something ? ... fun fact #14: I would love to play with my hubby with the help or another young ?? nsfw (f)

can I build something for you? ? nsfw (f)

lying next to sleeping hubby in bed, sharing my tit with random freeselfshotgirlsors, and in the mood for some naughty q&a ? post your Qs in the comments and Ill do my best to A ? nsfw (f)

can you blame me for wanting just a bit more vitamin D before the summer sun is completely gone?? nsfw (f)

just a lil squish...nsfw (f)

waved at the postman who came to the door...the door was open ? nsfw (f)

coffee+cardigans+yoga on a perfect fall day = ???, a girl couldnt ask for anything else, really ? nsfw (f)

strategically placed shower curtain ? nsfw (f)

a good partner keeps a clean house ?? fact about me #12: I really enjoy giving ???, particularly when theyre tied to bed and Im in control ?? nsfw (f)

I dont know what it is about yoga that makes me want to just take my top off...?‍♀️ nsfw (f)

patiently awaiting laundry to be done so I can get dressed ? nsfw (f)

should I leave the door ajar when hubbys friends are over? ?? nsfw (f)

Im normally all about the artsy pics, but sometimes a teen just wants to show a bunch of random strangers her tits in bed ?‍♀️? nsfw (f)

could be a fun outfit to wear to yoga ?? a belt makes it a bit more discreet ? nsfw (f)

thunderstorms and hubby is out...feelin spooky ? nsfw (f)

well I just cant seem to get enough of this cardigan ?‍♀️ nsfw (f) fun fact about me #11: turns me on to think about being revealed by another guy while hubby watches ???

rainy day means its time to cuddle...right? nsfw (f) hubby hasnt found me yet -- I hope he finds me soon because I bet the result will be quite fun ???

sweater weather finally ?☕️? nsfw (f)

towels a thin small ?...and just put hubby to bed...??? nsfw (f)

post-run rear shot ?...I think Ill have a peach for breakfast ? fun fact about me #10: I love beauty wax being dripped on me ? (hubby hasnt found me -- unfortunately the main subs he browses dont allow noob accounts like mine ?‍?) (f)

morning run, feelin fun ?‍♀️? nsfw (f)

<insert witty comment> ? nsfw (f) fun fact about me #9: at the risk of revealing the obvious...I love dressing up in new fun and beautiful outfits just to remove them in new fun and horny ways ?

never thought Id love how I look in orange so much ? I need to invest in more orange undergarments ??? nsfw (f)

hubby likes looking at nsfw breedable girls on freeselfshotgirls...wonder if hell find me here ?? (f) (the breedanle subs I know of dont allow new accounts unfortunately ?)

this is my first year without a "back to school"....were supposed to wear cardigans, right?? ? nsfw (f) (hubby still hasnt found me out ?)

that sunrise peach ? ? nsfw (f)

from when I had blue fact about me #6: one of my hottest moments was when I was at a concert dancing with my hubby -- he pulled my top all the way up while I was grinding on him ??? nsfw (f)

somewhat thin titties paired with somewhat little shorts ?‍♀️ I think that means I match?...? nsfw (f)

this morning you got the static tit drop, heres the sequel: the static pant drop ? nsfw (f)

static mic drop....I mean tit drop ? nsfw (f)

hubbys sweatshirt is fact about me #4 Ive never been in a threesome...the fun part?? I could be convinced ? nsfw (f)

this dress just has waaay too many fact about me #3: apparently I love getting nude outside ?‍♀️? nsfw (f)

I fear Ive worn these jeans to absolute death...unfortunately they dont make em anymore ? whats a slut to do? ?‍♀️ nsfw (f)

morning freeselfshotgirls ? fun fact about me #1: Ive always wanted a masseuse to get a thin TOO handsy during a massage ?‍♀️ nsfw (f)

morning freeselfshotgirls ? fun fact about me #1: Ive always wanted a masseuse to get a little TOO handsy during a massage ?‍♀️ nsfw (f)

last post of the day before hubby gets home ? created this account less than a week ago with the goal of seeing how long it takes for my hubby to find out in his scrolling through freeselfshotgirls...?? nsfw (f)

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