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Happy (F)athers Day! If youre not one now, Ill make one out of you ?

Hello (f)ellow pervs ❤️

Can you check my (f)orm?

Working (f)rom home? Yeah, me neither ?

I used to get made (f)un of for having little boobs, but Ill show them off proudly now ?

You heard (f)rom a friend that my rear is 10/10

You looking (f)or a ride? ?

Say hi i(f) you like thin girls with huge asses ?

Its pretty cold now. Can I offer you some (f)ace muffs? ?

Can my breasts catch your load today? (f) ?

Ive always been a little sel(f) conscious of my soft tummy. Hope yall still like me ❤️

Would you like your (f)ace in between? ?

Say hello i(f) you like small girls with thick bubbly asses ?

Not much to see here, just a small young with a (f)irm bubbly rear ?

(F)or all the rear addicts, this is my way of saying I love you ?

Can my pu(f)fy hole convince you to breed me? ?

Grip my cheeks for optimal stress relie(f) ?

My pussy gets so wet thinking o(f) all the cocks getting hard for my juicy butt ?

Would you dive right in i(f) I told you my twat is sweeter than creme brulee? ?

My rear is pretty cute with a plug in, if I do say so mysel(f) ?

My booty looks pretty cute when its plugged, if I do say so mysel(f)!

I want you to grip my rear and (f)uck me silly ?

I was built to be your (f)uckdoll princess ?

Your (f)ace looks like a comfy seat, come a bit closer ?

Hi there, you look like youre in need o(f) getting your dick gripped ?

(F)uck me if Im wrong - my booty will make your dong explode ?

No witty title, just my so(f)t perky breasts ?

Would you (f)lick your tongue against my pretty asshole? ?

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