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(f)antasizing about being tied up and teased

Its Friday & Im (f)ucking horny.

(f) Chains & whips excite me

(f) Here to make all your dreams come true

(f) You be the sinner. Honey, Ill be the sin

(f) American Psycho

(f) "There we go. Good girl"

(f) He always makes me pose with Tina the 4runner

(f) My name is whatever you decide

(f) Pouting for attention

(f) This white ass needs some handprints on it

(f) Once was poison ivy, but now Im your daisy

(f) I just hope someone saw me(:

(f)reezing breasts + getting them pinched= very happy young (:

(f) Merry Christmas ya filthy animals

(f)ind me under the Christmas tree(:

(f) Dear Santa, I was good at being naughty... does that count? (:

(f) small blurry, kinda cute.

(f) Baby its cold as hell outside

(f) Gagged, clamped, & ready. (bells included)

(f) Nothing to see here ^-^

(f) Packers won lastnight(:

(f) I love me a beautiful bath

(f) Small tits. Big heart. Huge smile.

(f) Baby its cold outside

(f) The tension, its getting hotter. Id like to hold her head underwater

(f) Smile, its the weekend (:

(f) The snack that smiles back (:

(f) Tits the season

(f) Sunshine mixed with a lil hurricane.

(f) Pale ass, red markings

(f) Let your fingers dance across my trimmed body.

(f) Pessimistic, a tiny twisted

Sunday (f)unday

(f) Pleaase suck on my nipples?

Its not (f)riday, but Im going to party like it is.

(f) So we kept in touch, cause I wanted to touch her

(f) They love you, they hate you, & they love you again.

(f) You are the venom

(f) Its Moanday, and Im loving it (:

(f) Not perfect, but sure damn worth it.

(f) I hope everyone who drove by had a good show (:

Im not (f)inished sinning.

(f) Wanna turn?

(f) On a warmer day

(f)eel how soft I am?

(f) "Dont talk back!"

(f) Happy Halloween

(f) Imm baaackk

(f) Goodnight(:

(f) Waiting....not so patiently for my guy to come home.

Snow time (f)un

(f) Good morning (:

A(f)ter shower titties

(f) A beauty bath sounds divine.

(f) Goodmorning! Happy hump(s) day

(f) Not your dream girl, no. Im your worst nightmare.

(f)elix and I say hi (:

(f) My patio time is coming to an end

(f) H•O•R•N•Y

(f) thigh gaps (:

Its the (f)eeling of the sun on my titties for me!

(f) My team sucks... but so do I (;

(f) Grab clamps & pull (:

(f) wanna help make this steamy?

(f) drowning in euphoria

(f)orbidden fruit tastes the best.

(f) Champagne tipsy, enjoying some much needed patio time

(f) cause when its all said & done, my names still on your tongue.

Through on my corset for the (f)un of it.

(f) Dont tell me what you wanna do, show me what youre gunna do

(f) My titties arent big... but my smile is(:

(f) baby Im a nightmare

(f) good woman with bad intentions

(f) I am the lighter, I am the tounge, I am admission of all that you wish you said

Starting (f)ootball Sunday off properly.

(f)ishnets & chains anyone?

(f) Dont matter what you do, I only wanna do bad things to you. So good that you cant explain it.

(f) Ill see you in your dreams :*

(f) On my mind...but... wanna be in me instead??

I am the (f)ire, I am the ice, I am the sensation

(f) Buried in my own deceptions, I will never change

A (f)ew cars drove by slowly, but I think they were just looking at the same hot view I was.

(f) Volatile, baby, you watch your tone

(f) Sunset spankings. I love it when it stings(:

(f)I promise you, my panties arent lying (:

(f)rench press me to the bed, and make me scream a latte

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