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Can you come and make me sweat? (F)

Ready for the weekend? I need someone to warm me up (f)

He wants a (F)reak, he found me.

(F) cold, gloomy Monday. Wanna warm me up?

Just having some fun ??? (f)

What I send my side piece for him to come over(f)

Let’s stay in on this Saturday night. ?(f)

Happy Saturday ?? sexy this morning(F)??

You can smack it, you can grip it, you can go down and kiss it ?(f)

Hump day is almost over. ?(f)

I want you to touch that lil dangly-thing that swing in the back of my throat (F)

I said certified (F)reak, seven days a week

I want you to park that massive Mack truck right in this petite garage Make it cream, make me scream (F)

(F) can someone come and blow on them? ?

He always call me ‘cause I never cause no drama And when you want it, baby, I know I got you covered And when you need it, baby, just jump under the covers.(f)

Are you joining me in bed? (F)

Enjoying my weekend. Are you? ??(f)

Well, I guess it would be nice if I could touch your body I know not everybody has got a body like you (F)

Happy (F)riday. I might need some help. ?

Does this help your NNN? (F) ?

Ever had a BJ with this POV? ?(F)

Can you resist if I put them in your (f)ace

Everyone is gone, now it’s time to play ?(F)

(F) Joining me or just watching

I(f) I sent this to you, are you coming over? ?

Are you masturbating? Can I watch??(F)

Is it true some guys like older women? (F)

So glad it’s (F)riday! Let’s see if we can be naughty

I might need a side piece, could be (f)un

Come get you some! (F)

(F) can you do unholy things to me??

(F). Just need a helping hand if anyone is interested ?

Ready to eat? There is a (f)east ready for you

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