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This coulda been us (f)(m)

You taste incredible (f)

I’d soak this bed if anyone I knew saw this (f)

Could use a good stuffing from a thick penis (f)

I often think about how many friends have seen and cum to me at this point. (F)

Have you cum for me today yet? (F)

No one likes Mondays, but maybe these help. (F)

My monster tittys would look way better in your cum.(f)

Let me be your fat titty queen. (F)

I’ve got a few things you can cum on (f)

You should definitely cum for me (f)

I can think of a few things you could do with me here. (F)

Wouldnt you love to cover me in your hot cum? (F)

Laying in bed still just waiting on you. (F)

Could really use your cum on my body (f)

Ok that “I know you” message got me a bit wet. (F)

Stretch me, fill me with your fat cock. (F)

Imagine seeing someone you know naked and covered in cum (f)

Cover my face or my tits in your cum? (F)

The thought of friends finding me kinda turns me on (f)

What would you do to me? (F)

Im gonna need you to come give me a hand with these (f)

My huge titty mature bod is waiting for you (f)

Cum finish taking this off of me (f)

When you’re drunk, horny, and don’t care who sees you. (F)

It’s Friday night, where’s my drinking partner!? (F)

In case you needed a reason to cum right now. (F)

Hey got his snack, now I’m getting mine. (F)(m)

Strangers and friends seeing me like this is gonna make me squirt (f)

It’s risky posting my face where friends could find me, but it also gets me wet. (F)

It’s lunchtime over here where I am. What’re you having? (F)

Mommy’s sitting here airing for you (f)

Ready for you to do your thing (f)

Happy Friday fssg! (F)

I love when you get off to my big tits? (f)

Posting for you guys these last few days has been so fun ?(f)

If my friends see this, you’re welcome (f)

Posting for you guys these last few days has been so fun ☺️? (f)

When your hubbys friend finds your fssg and cums for you ???(f)

Is it okay to be soaking knowing irl friends see me here? (F)

You think your tiny dick could cover me? (F)

Decided to get dressed. Errands aren’t going to do themselves. (F)

Should I get dressed or stay like this all day? (F)

I want you to wreck me (f)

Are blowjobs okay here? (F)

Just sitting here getting off on everyone looking at me (f)

Cum worship me please (f)

Big tits, large cum (f)

How’s the view boys ? (f)

Happy hump day you sexy people ? (f)

I hope everyone enjoys their night, or morning wherever you are. (F)

Does fssg like cum? (F)

You guys really make posting enjoyable ? (f)

Mommy’s waiting (f)

Cum and do as you please (f)

Since you guys don’t seem to mind the milf bod (f)

I hope my 38ddd’s make up for my mom bod. (F)

Guys! It’s Tuesday! (F)

Nothing like removing your bra at the end of the day and putting your breasts on the internet. (F)

Eat me out then fill me up? (F)

I’m really enjoying you looking at me (f)

I really could just lay in bed topless all day (f)

Keeping the landscapers motivated. (F)

Enjoy my massive titties while I get ready for my day (f)

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