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(F) A lil extra cushion for the pushin ?

Get you a girl who’s thighs are thicc and loves music (f) ???

Any song recommendations (f)or me? ??

you could say I’m a bit o(f) a tease ?

Take my panties of(f) or pull them to the side? ?

(F)itting that I wear my birthday suit on my birthday ?

Titties, tummy, & tiger stripes- my (f)avorite ?

Desperately waiting to be (f)illed

Do you have somewhere I can sit? (f)

Pussy is the most important meal of the day ? (f)

Cute and voluptuous (f) ?

Horny on this Sunday a(f)ternoon, wish I was being played with

Put my legs over your shoulders ? (f)

I could use a hand here…or mouth ?? (f)

skin like honey that tastes even sweeter ? (f)

Displayed in front of the window (f)or everyone to see is so thrilling

Come spread open these thick thighs (f)

I’m (f)iending for a good breeding

Thick chics need thick dicks (f)

Splayed and ready to get laid (f)

Do I look good enough to eat? (f)

(F)eeling restless, bang me to sleep?

Thick hips and pretty nips (f)

Enjoying the view while I ride you? (f)

Can I be on top? (f)

The socks stay on (f)

Kissable lips, squeezable breasts (f)

Can’t sleep, ask me anything your naughty tiny heart desires & I’ll try to answer (f)

Breed me. Please? You know you want to…(f)

Mark up my trimmed skin (f)

I love my so(f)t body, there’s plenty to grab onto

Working on an assignment, think you can distract me? (F)

Wreck me (f)

Draw me like one of your (f)rench girls

(F)ollow Instructions: (Insert Here)

A canvas like this deserves to be painted (f)

Sweater weather <3 can you think o(f) other ways we can stay warm?

Pinch, grab, or suck? (F)

Hope you had a good thanksgiving! Save any room for dessert? (f)

Sun kissed boobs to brighten up your day/night ☀️(f)

My so(f)t tummy appreciation post <3

In the market (f)or a seat, is your face available?

rise and shine (f)

“Cocaine, side boob, choke her with a sea view” (f)

morning or nighttime showers? (f)

Wouldn’t it be better i(f) I were bent over this counter?

Here’s some sugar (f)or your morning coffee, lovers <3

You up? (F)

You’d make a fantastic seat, mind if I sit on your (f)ace?

Red Light Special ♥️ (f)

come stretch this tight petite vagina out (f)

Tastes like ?s on a ☀️ evenin’ (f)

?Cola, cola bottle shape, baby ? (f)

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