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i felt so needy today (f)

fresh from working out (f)

when are you going to take advantage of me? (f)

i can be useful ? (f)

free to use, that’s me ? (f)

i could use your hands ? (f)

wake up, roll over, use me (f)

i need you to grab and grope me (f)

still at work for some OT hours & I’d rather do this on the clock ? (f)

no one knows what I’m hiding under here (f)

wanna take a break with me? (f)

can i interest you in a fucktoy? (f)

naughty early this friday (f)

use me for your stress relief ? (f)

Have you gotten enough tits today? Better be sure ? (f)

want it all? it’s yours ? (f)

are you gonna make me your small slut? (f)

I love when you watch (f)

i hope you won’t be *too* gentle (f)

please grab & use me hard ? (f)

scarred & sexy? 😉 (f)

I hope I’m your type ? (f)

i really need your hands groping me (f)

it’s okay to like a tiny pain (f)

getting relaxed and cozy ? (f)

I freed them ? (f)

let’s go back to bed together (f)

bend me over that bed and use me please (f)

let’s get cozy…you can do anything you want ? (f)

I’m working today but really need someone to fuck me & cum on me ? (f)

you wouldn’t take advantage…would you? (f)

how could i fulfill your fantasy? (f)

would you introduce me to your friends or keep me to yourself? (f)

will you grope and use me please? (f)

wfh has a lot more advantages ? (f)

it’s slow at work today…i could wear this under a hoodie (f)

wearing a sweatsuit with nothing underneath is always fun for me ? (f)

busting out of my workout top this morning ? (f)

it’s uh, cold in here ? (f)

peeking under all the layers 😉 (f)

i really need you to squeeze & use me hard ?? (f)

shower fresh & wishing you’d grope me ? (f)

living alone = doing chores topless (f)

very, very glad it’s friday and I’m about to be naked (f)

breasts & battle scars ? (f)

come use my pussy ? (f)

was supposed to work…decided getting nude was better (f)

it’s time for you to come grope me ? (f)

i’m letting all the curves out tonight (f)

bundling up to go outside and then I got distracted ? (f)

let’s call off office together ? (f)

Feeling so cozy in these…but I’d take them off for you 😉 (f)

having some sunday fun early (f)

I thought you might want more booty to enjoy ? (f)

no thoughts, head empty, nipples clamped kind of morning ?(f)

relaxed on the couch and thinking about how you should grope my boobs asap (f)

at a friend’s & feeling feisty ? (f)

up early in the ebony - wanna join me? (f)

i really wanna squeeze my boobs around your schlong (f)

i hope you had a good day! mine was long and stressful :c (f)

really wishing I was on vacation today! (f)

let’s keep each other warm ?? (f)

Need a break? I did too 🙂 (f)

feeling a tiny touch starved today (f)

i’m wondering if you wanna grab my hips (f)

Quick snap in the mirror this morning (f)

enjoy your tuesday ✌️? (f)

today started bad but ended good ?? (f)

had a really exhausting day & am so ready to get baked, get nude & get off ?(f)

all my curves are yours (f)

i think you should plow me (f)

wanna cum on them? (f)

woke up sexy & having some fun - happy sunday 🙂 (f)

i just can’t keep my clothes on (f)

?? free use saturday (f)

i wanna be cute for you (f)

too cold, time to get cozy (f)

wanna jump me fresh out of the shower? (f)

i wanna feel your schlong on and in me (f)

wanna get high & use me? :p (f)

had a loooooong day and I just wanna get my pussy pounded asap tbh (f)

i need to be drilled and used (f)

come punish this hole (f)

spent some time teasing myself this afternoon (f)

sick day today - getting my boobs out makes me feel better ?(f)

did a thin ass photo shoot…I think I did a good job 😉 (f)

i hope you wanna use me properly (f)

was supposed to come home and work earlier but I blew it off and got my tits out instead ? (f)

side view never gets enough love! I wanna change that (f)

got distracted doing yoga - wanna help? (f)

i’m free to use…where would you start? (f)

you made it through monday…have a petite treat (f)

wanna feel how soft I am? (f)

early bedtime…with a thin bit of fun (f)

now sitting in the ebony after a sudden power outage…at least I got this one earlier (f)

I can’t help getting my tits out in this robe (f)

up early and super fresh this AM…are you up yet? ? (f)

had an edible and now it’s shower time ? (f)

still sleepy and want to go back to bed (f)

just woke up and could use a hand…I wanna be naked (f)

kindly received some special attention (f)

i like tit play even more when it’s cold! (f)

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