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Sent this photo to a friend. He suggested I post it here (F)

Home sick from office and apparently bored... (F)

Black Lace, pale face (F)

Hanging out on a Tuesday Morning (F)

A bit of face (F)

terrible case of the Mondays (F)

Do you like my new outfit? (F)

Home sick today... trying to make the best of it (F)

Less than 3 hours until the weekend! (F)


just a straight up photo of a 32 (f)

Mirror, mirror on the wall (F)

current status (F)


Join me in the tub? (F)

I hate how I look here. using fssg as immersion therapy, dont mind me?(f)

What? Im wearing a shirt... (f)


(F)inally on vacation!

Someone once told me that I have the twat of a Barbie (f)

Have to give a guy options (f)

It would appear that I am in need of a tan.. (f)

Im a petite chilly, can you tell? (f)

How I start my day (f)

quick (f)lash ?

Just love posting my naked body ??‍♀️(F)

Just a simple undressed (F)

Hope this piques your interest (f)

enjoying not working ?(f)

just been laying around all day (f)

A lil closer and brighter (F)

just my natural body ??‍♀️ (f)

bon appétit bébé (f)

looking for a lap to sit on ?(f)

Presently presenting in present pants (F)

waiting for my Christmas gift (F)

what youd see while I rode you (f)

into 32 yrs (F)?

Christmas plans canceled, taking a bath instead (F)

Wifey misbehaving at work (f)

I love the lighting in my shower ?(f)

(F)rom behind

Hate when I have to office overtime... (F)

Good morning, freeselfshotgirls! (f)

Im not sure itll fit ? (f)

love the way my tits look in this photo (f)

(F) taking a seat


?(f) drip

(f) bent over

32 (f) *shrugs*

Tan lines? (f)

just another mirror shot (f)

(f)eels like a work from home kinda day

whomp, there it is (f)

squeaky clean (f)

hi ? (f)

shower? (F)

(f)eeling beauty this morning

boop! (f)

?? (f)

is this seat taken? (f)

Low effort post (f)tw?

Didnt notice my mirror was so dirty.. (F)

Very Hungover (f)


Ready to soak in the weekend (f)?

Wanna hit these slopes(F)?

Like my soft curves? (F)

Just woke up (f)

About to take a seat (f)

(F) Its a compact ?‍♀️?

It may be a tight squeeze (F)

(F) would you have guessed 32?

Happy Saturday! (F)

A little bit of my (f)ace ?

POV? (F)

Quick (f)lash

(F)lorals to brighten your Monday

?I wont tell if you dont (f)

Saturday night in (f) what would you do?

Saved in my dra(f)ts

Candle lit ?️ (f)

think they are huge enough to (f)uck?

waiting (f)

posting because Im bored (f)

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