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Giving the tourists on the high line a little show ?✨(f) (blonde)

Cum back to bed so we can have some more fun ? (f) (goth)

It’s the goths birthday today! Let’s make her feel special ✨? (ff)

Getting her holes all dressed up for Daddy ✨ ? (ff) (blonde+goth)

We have a large fantasy to be plowed while stacked on top of each other ?(ff) (blonde+goth)

This slit is made for slidin’ ? (f) (blonde)

Cock, Paper, Scissors…shoot! ✂️ (ff) (blonde+goth)

Just got (f)ucked and then left here all tied with my dogs leash? (blonde)

Welcome to Our Pussy Pile ? ? (ff) (blonde+goth)

The perfect way to wake up: with our hands on each other’s pussies (ff) (blonde+goth)

POV: You catch your wife mid-fuck with her secret lover…what’s your next move? (FF)

Adjusting her plug before the self timer went off ? (FF)

How I help my bestie relax after a long day of shopping (ff) ?️ ?

We’re having a fun weekend ☺️ (ff)

We’re having a great intercourse weekend, how about you? ? (FF) (blonde left) (goth right)

Admiring my girlfriends perfect vagina ? (f) (goth)

My petite morning stretch before my large adventure today (f) (blonde)

Edging until I get to see my gf tomorrow… (f) (blonde)

Peekaboo! (f) (goth)

It’s such a horny day out ☀️ (f) (blonde)

Good morning, Valentines?Just remember today that somebunny loves you ?? (f) (blonde)

Pull it out and pound away ?‍? (f) (goth)

Little tease for the video I just filmed ? (f) (blonde)

Wore my plug ALL day, starting with a nice, long shower ? (f) (blonde)

We don’t care about (f)ootball, but we do have two tight ends ??

Watching the Super Bowl with my plug in ? (f) (blonde)

I justttt came but I’m going to cum again like a greedy whore ? ?(f) (blonde)

Would you be this perfect of a fit? ? (f) (blonde)

Good morning, beauties ✨ (f) (goth)

What are you doing up at this hour? (f) (goth)

Peep the necklace that the goth got me ? (f)(blonde)

Clamped and ready (f) (blonde)

Showing Daddy where Princess needs cleaned ? (f) (blonde)

When I Say “Ahhhhhn” ? (f)(blonde)

Tribute us if you’d bang both at once ? ? ? (ff) (blonde left) (goth right)

I’m pretty much just constantly wet this this? (f) (blonde)

I told you I love a bathroom selfie ? (f) (blonde)

POV: workout titties (f) (goth)

Before and After the hard twat slaps my wife assigned me ? (f) (blonde)

I usually go out on Fridays, but tonight is a naked, drinking wine by the fireplace kind of night ? (f) (blonde)

Day 34: Does this make our pussies look even more inviting? (FF) (goth left) (blonde right)

Good morning, perverts ☀️ (f) (blonde)

I can tell you’ve had a long day, just lay down right here where it’s soft (f) (goth)

I am a very obedient slut. Let me prove it to you. (f) (Goth)

I’ve discovered recently that my nipples don’t really feel pain (f) (blonde)

Day 32: We’re Ready! (Goth left)(Blonde right) (ff)

Sorry I’ve been such a thin brat ? I’m ready to take my punishment ? (f) (blonde)

Can we pretend it’s hump day? (f) (goth)

Oops ? my twat fell out (f) (blonde)

Trying on my heart shaped jewelry ? (f) (blonde)

I have the perfect spot for your load ? (f) (blonde)

Just a simple undressed ? (f) (blonde)

Your view right before I smother you ? (f) (blonde)

PLASTT, but (goth)s don’t smile (f)

All sweaty after my workout ?‍? How’s your NY resolution going? (f)(blonde)

Can you guess my shoe size???(f) (PLASTT) (blonde)

My hair is getting pretty long (f) (goth)

This lightbulb ? is full of good ideas (f) (blonde)

Trying double anal for the first time?(ff) (goth left) (blonde right)

You up? (f) (goth)

Getting naughty in the parking lot of the hardware store (f) (blonde)

Let’s be sneaky and meet in my car on our lunch break (f) (blonde)

If I wear a skirt to dinner, would you pull my panties to the side under the table? (F) (blonde)

I need a tiny pinch to wake me up ?(f) (goth)

Day 31: Just two (f)uckable girls in matching poses (goth top) (blonde bottom)

Stretch my holes while I lick my gf’s vagina (f) (blonde)

Need some help lugging these things around all day ?‍? (f) (goth)

Please don’t forget to breed me before going to office today! ? (f) (blonde)

This is how small goth housewives keep their holes ready and their houses tidy ?(f) (goth)

Would you eat my macaroon? ? (F) (blonde)

You make my toes curl ? (f) (goth)

I never wear a bra anymore (f)

Fuck your party…Want to spend NYE at our house instead? ? (ff) (blonde left) (goth right)

Day 25: Is this how you would like us, sir? (ff)

In a hurry this morning but I couldn’t leave you all without some mature hole to start your day (f) (goth)

Just redid my shower…do y’all like it? (f) (blonde)

Day 23: My long-distance gf and I take matching pics each day to feel close to each other ? (ff) (blonde left) (goth right)

Must have been dreaming about you if this is how I woke up ?☀️(f) (goth)

What do you think I was dreaming about if this is how I woke up? (f) (goth)

Day 22: Choose Your Fighter ? Goth Stay-At-Home MILF or Blonde Office Whore? (FF)

My gf told me to show everyone what my insides look like (f) (blonde??)

Hope you don’t mind that I’m a petite sweaty, I just had a lil workout ? (f) (goth?)

Day 21: My gf and I put in plugs and had phone sex. Should we record the audio next time? (ff) (goth left)(blonde right)

Oops! Why does this always happen when I’m wearing a skirt? (F)(Blonde)

If you look really close you can see how wet I am (F) (Blonde)

Can you tell I’m a tiny beauty this morning? ? (f) (Blonde)

Don’t mind me, just a doing a small morning yoga (f)

Me right now at this exact moment (f)

Day 20: We need to know…are you having a White Christmas? ? ❄️ (FF)(Goth Left) (Blonde Right)

I’m posting this picture of me so you can show Santa exactly what you want this year (F)

Can’t sleep, cum down my chimney? (F)

Day 19: Santa’s coming twice tonight ?? (FF)

Forget Santa, you’re on MY naughty list ? (F)

Keeping cozy on a cold night without my gf ? (f)

Day 18: Want to eat all four holes? ?(FF)

I need you to stick your tongue as far as you can inside my rectum before you (f)uck it

This is the only photo we have from our second rendezvous after meeting on freeselfshotgirls. We were MUCH too busy (FF)

My wife told me to make my butthole look inviting for company later, how did I do? (F)

The goth’s holes are so inviting ? Do you have a (f)avorite?

Day 17: A couple booties in ebony panties to end your day ??(FF)

Finally succumbed to the urge I always get to do this while hiking ?(F)

Don’t mind us daddy, we’re just conducting some naughty experiments (ff)

Do y’all like girly lingerie? ? (F)

Trying on my strap-on for the first time ? ? (F)

It’s too cold to get out o(f) bed, can you cum warm me up?

If took a second to stare at my pussy, thanks (f)or the attention? ?

Day 16: My gf and I need to settle a debate, where would you cum? ? (FF)

What did we do next? Winner gets a prize ? (FF)

“You can’t stretch your butthole all day i(f) you don’t start in the morning” - Michael Jordan

This naughty girl needs a spanking ?? (F)

Day 15: We forgot to put our panties on today before leaving the house ?(FF)

Day 14: The perfect hole duo ?‍♀️ (FF)

Good morning (f)rom my bed, help me stretch?

Day 13: My gf and I take matching photos everyday ? Where would you like us to sit? (FF)

Oops! I left the blinds open! Hope no one figures out what apartment I’m in…(F)

Please try not to get any cum on our shirts, we have somewhere to be (FF) ?

Day 11: Two girlfriends doing yoga??‍♀️??‍♀️do we have good form? (FF)

Good morning (f)rom my yoga mat ??‍♀️? what can I make you for breakfast?

How long would you make me wait like this out in the (f)orest? ?

Day 10: Two dirty housewives still know how to keep things clean ? (FF)

I have to know…Eat or Fuck? (F)

What did you do to get me like this? (F)

I need help filling her holes! Would you take her twat or butthole and why? Please show your work ? (FF)

Day 9: We will wait for you just like this. Hopefully you can handle two at once ?? (FF)

Day 8: Matching photos with my gf everyday! Are two juicy asses better than one? ? ? (FF)

Day 7: Matching nudeys everyday with my long-distance GF ? What other bendy poses should we try? (FF)

Day 6: Matching titty pic with my gf! Should we make our nipples kiss? ? (FF)

Just two girlfriends: Fire ? and Ice ? (FF)

My gf’s view before we scissor ✂️ (FF)

Day 4: My long-distance gf and I take matching pics each morning to feel close to each other ?❤️(FF)

Day 4: Y’all had so many good ideas for our daily matching poses ?(FF)

Day 4: Y’all had so many good matching pose ideas for my gf and I ?We can’t wait to try them all! (FF)

Two girls, one post ??‍❤️‍?‍?? (FF)

Day 3: Two bi girls that take pics with matching poses each day ? What pose should we do tomorrow? (FF)

Day 2 of posting the matching pics my gf and I take each morning ? ? (FF)

Isn’t my girlfriend’s twat beautiful? ? Love showing it o(ff)

Day 1: My long distance gf and I take a matching photo every morning to feel close to each other ? (FF)

What’s more inviting than two holes? Four holes! Six if you’re lucky… (FF)

We don’t care about soccer, but we do love balls ⚽️ (FF)

Just a woman playing with her free use intern (FF)

Making my gf beg is my kink ? (FF)

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