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Did my nails! those are totally the (f)ocal point of my photo, yeah? 🙂

Have a nice day! Ill be thinking of you ? (F)

(F)eeling pretty today ?

Good morning ? My breasts have a tendency to pop out at the worst moments (F)

I have to walk on my toes in these, but theyre so cute! 🙂 (F)

Hi there! Ive been waiting (f)or you all day! ?

Oops! Seem to have lost some clothes. Help me (f)ind em?

Happy Saturday! Remember to take some time (f)or yourself and relax! 🙂

All plugged up (f)or Daddy ?

Good morning! I hope you get to wake up to this 🙂 (F)

Im learning that even loose clothes can be erotic (F)

Hey! Happy to know you like seeing me so much ?(F)

Stripey! 🙂 (F)

Such a pretty day! I hope your Monday has been as nice as mine ? (F)

Just a quick (f)lash cause its cold as hell today. Stay warm out there!

It grips well, huh? 🙂 (F)

Pretty sunshine to make up (f)or all the cloudy weather 🙂

Who doesnt love a thin dark dress? (F)

Its been a while! Have a cute ass! If you look, you can see the bruise I earned 🙂 (F)

Do you think IT would help me with my internet problem if they knew about my superior taste in old anime? (F)

I hope you have a good week! Try to take some time (f)or yourself! ?

Got marked up again! 🙂 (F)

Not the reddest Ive ever been, but these sure hurt the worst! (F)

(F)un fact: I dont have a gag reflex! 🙂

This was new but (F)un!

Come tease me? (F)

Plugged and stuffed! 🙂 (F)

Is it too late (f)or a Christmas gift? 🙂

You like my new Christmas PJs, right? 🙂 (F)

So it seems that a lot of you have (F)igured out that Im a sub. Would never know what gave it away!

Before my piercings, but my nipples are still cute! Spread open for ya! 🙂 (F)

Plugged! (F)

Im sorry (f)or being such a tease. Im so needy and desperate to be touched now

(F)ull spread! 🙂

Hey there! Take some time to treat yourself today! (F)

Had to be quick as people were around. Happy Sunday! Go rest! (F)

Im a bit insatiable! I hope thats okay 🙂 (F)

Im a bit insatiable! I hope thats okay 🙂 (F)

Would you believe me if I told you I was bash(f)ul?

You must be so jealous huh? 🙂 (F)

So which (f)igurine on my window sill do you like best? 🙂

I should have known getting bitten would leave a mark! (f)

Com(f)y! Have a nice day ?

A beautiful shower is always nice after a long day 🙂 (f)

Do you like my nails? (f)

Cheeky! 🙂 (f)

Procrastinating studying for (f)inals

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