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Can you guess what my husband was up to yesterday evening? (F)

How you feeling? (F)

Currently sexting with my husband while hes away and I took this pic for him. Would you cover them in cum? (F)

Getting ready for bed, but not to sleep just yet. Instead Ill spend time caressing my pussy. Would you like to do it for me? (F)

My boyfriend isnt here tonight to call me a good girl. Can you help me out? (F)

Taking this picture at office is making me so wet. Would you first put your hand in my panties or on my boobs? (F)

Making you hard is my comfort zone. Will you help me get more comfortable? (F)

Do you want to get closer? (F)

Lets keep it simple. Just tell me that you want me now. (F)

I always love wearing a pretty hair accessory. Had you noticed it before I mentioned it? (F)

I wish you could see the line at the back of my tights better. I can see mens faces turning when I walk by in these under my short skirt. Would you be looking too? (F)

All I need to know is if you want to fuck that ass. Do you? (F)

A room with a view on the Indian ocean. Where would your hands run first? (F)

The cozy light of hotel rooms makes me feel extra sexy. Is it just a feeling? (F)

Im my boyfriend fucktoy and hes been asking for several videos this week of me fingering my ass. This one is at my moms place. The videos link is in the comments. Dont you think my hands look so innocent? (F)

Some things can get complex when we stay at my in-laws, but the view my husband gets when he lays in bed isnt one of them. Do you like the view? (F)

At my coworking, Ive chosen a seat that is on the way of anyone entering the space. Its fabulous. I can see so many emotions on all of those mens faces when they notice I am wearing no bra. (F)

If we were married and that it was your birthday, this would be your view for your birthday dinner. Other people were looking too. What would you do if you saw me showing my twat to my husband in that restaurant? (F)

What are the hints on that picture flashing that I like adventures? (F)

I love it when I dont pose on purpose. He said "You look so pretty like that." He knew Id ask for a picture next. What way should I thank him for his compliment? (F)

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a married stud in possession of a slutty wife, must be in want of fucking her ass. Which mine did after taking that picture yesterday. (F)

A little souvenir from yesterday evening when I was looking at another guys pics and my boyfriend was stroking his cock, watching me. Looks like hes getting ready to share. Who should he share me with first? (F)

You asked for more hole shots. Spreading my legs for my boyfriend in between two sets of reps. Is this not the outfit every babe should wear when working out? (F)

Something I love reminding my husband of when he fucks me is that... Im not his equal. Hes superior to me. And that I am here to serve him. Him and all men. Im here to please all men. Should I tell you the same as you plow me? (F)

Spent the weekend in the home of my husbands grandmother. Thats my favourite room in the house. I love that wallpaper and I feel like its been made for a soul like mine. What do you love about that photo? (F)

My boyfriend better come home soon from his office party or Im gonna start playing alone. Want to keep me company? (F)

Today I left office a thin later than usual. Everyone was gone. Besides that one stud who was waiting for me so he could talk to me in the elevator. Were having lunch next week. Would you stay at work later for me? (F)

A view from my 10 hour flight yesterday... I have made my husband come twice on that flight. Would you love to fly with me? (F)

Merry Christmas ❤️ I dont celebrate xmas & I am instead traveling to Vietnam tomorrow! Who knows what I will post from there. For now I am taking a relaxing bath and sending this pic to friends. What are you plans for Christmas Eve? (F)

Theres nothing I find sexier than a dude wearing a suit. Would you wear one for me so I can grab your belt that way and bring you closer to me? (F)

My favourite way to pose for my husband is when I am not trying. This time he didnt just get the pic. He left his handprint on me right after. Would you have done the same? (F)

Just flashed my husband while he called me to say goodnight. I very well know that hes not about to sleep just yet. Hes coming home tomorrow. If you were him, would you cover those in cum? (F)

I started thinking about that dude who calls me a good girl, and how then I cant think straight anymore. I reached for my vagina with a toy. I recorded that for him. Listen to my mind via the link in the comments. (F)

Just woke up. I slept on my sofa because my bedroom is too cold these days. And now I wish you were here to take care of the warmness and wetness I feel. Are you dreaming of tasting it? (F)

Another weekend with my boyfriend away means I get in my baddest mood. Watch the striptease I made for you via the link in my comments. (F)

One of you figured out the kind of subbie I am. My instruction was to get on my knees after my shower and show him my tits, and open my mouth. I did. I am only showing the breasts here. You can watch the video via the link in the comments. (F)

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir ? (F)

Taking a break from my workout. I felt sexy. I asked him to take a picture. He got the right angle in one shot. I think I might be his muse. But he just let me keep going with my workout afterwards... Would you have done differently? (F)

Allez La France ?? Lets Go Get Em! (F)

Throwback to having long hair. Oh sorry, is my hair not what you noticed first? (F)

Ever seen a Jewish Sephardi Princess dance? You now can. Link is in the comments! (F)

Just a screenshot of what you guys make me want to do for you in the middle of the day (F)

When you ask me "Wyd" and I reply "Im working", this is probably how Im doing it. Happy hubby, happy neighbours. Am I making you happy too? (F)

Will you rip that dress off daddy? Please? (F)

Feeling more sexy in that soft evening light. Would you call me beautiful or delicious? (F)

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