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I don’t mind if you get a small rough ? (f)

So what do I have to do to get spanked around here ? (f)

Can’t decide which is a better look for the beach ? (f)

I want to be your tiny doll ❤️ (f)

These ankles should be on your shoulders ? (f)

Just (f)lashing you my petite tits ??

Dinner and fuck me against the hotel window a(f)ter? ?

Let me throw it back on you ? (f)

Come find out i(f) I’m as innocent as I look ?

Thigh highs make me feel so cute and fuckable ? (f)

Push my thighs down and pump me full, please? ? (f)

Please be careful when you pull it of(f), it’s my favourite thin black dress ?

I wish I had the confidence to go out like this ? (f)

I got myself a thin bit messy be(f)ore I took this ? oops

Patiently waiting for you to come own my twat ❤️ (f)

Had a hard workout, but I think I need something even harder ? (f)

Ass up (f)ace down is my favourite place to be ?

Just waiting for you to come stretch me out ? (f)

This good girl loves to bend over and spread (f)or you ?

How soon into our date would you have me like this? ? (f)

Are they better pulled to the side or just tossed on the floor? ? (f)

On/Of(f) Would you take me on a nice date and then cum in me after?

On/Of(f) … now you know how to picture me undressed if you see me on the street ?

I can’t decide if I want you under me or behind me ? (f)

Wishing I was about to get (f)ucked ?I want you to leave handprints on me

Just waiting to get fucked ? (f)

I love being a tiny babe on freeselfshotgirls ? (f)

Can I be your good girl? (f)

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