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(f)eed me. messy sauna hair for you.

Is teasing going to get me (f)ucked?

What do I look good at? (f)

Will you suck mommy’s tits then plaster them in cum? (F)

Trying to squat this meaty vagina on your stick. (f)

Where do you put it first? (F)

It’s your morning to (f)uck the slut!

111lb whore at your service. (f)

How do I satiate this needy cunt? (f)

Come suck your Slutty Girlfriend’s tits. (f)

Come pry these off me. (F)

Could you handle me in Target? (F)

Where would you finish? (f)

Why is cum on panties so (f)ucking hot? Make my dreams come true.

I like beautiful sticky cinnamon bunz in the morning. (F) ??

I need to get laid. (F)uck ?

Soft, sweet, and about to be slippery. ?? (f)

Hard tiny tits desperate (f)or a mouth tonight.

I wear short skirts when I want to get (f)ucked.

Is this a good (f)ucking position?

That has to fit inside me?! (F)

Watching the NFL all day has me a dripping mess. I have somewhere Joe can Burrow that penis right into. ?? (f)

Mama wants a nice warm mouth latched onto her (f)ull milkers. ? ??

people would be so shocked at my behavior. (f)

God, I need to milk your dick. ?(f) Gm

Cover my mouth and grope me. see how fast this cunt drips. (F)

She’s fertile and ready to milk your schlong to completion. (F)

Let’s play hide and seek. ? (f)

Make me cum like a whiny woman on your dong (f)

(F)eeling whore-ish.

What would you do if you caught me outside like this? Im such a petite babe today. (F)

On the counter or against the wall? (F)

Where did your eyes go (f)irst?

Describe me in one word. ? (F)irst post, Hi!

Be good and come lick my petite kitty. (: (f) Are you filling or covering me?

Come be good and jerk off (f)or me. Would I look cute plastered in your cum?

Mommy’s nipples need to be sucked. Any volunteers? (F)

Naked outside is my (f)avorite. Where will your tongue go first? ??

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