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Hope you (f)ind this fuckable

What’d you do to me? (f)

Would you pull out? (f)

What the (f) is a condom?

Wake up baby, you have to blow on my tiddies (f)

Happy and beauty Saturday, (f)olks

Would you lick this (f)at pussy?

Wanna take a ride, cowboy? (f)

Wanna give me a (f)rench kiss down here?

Would you like to replace my dildo with something else? I’m new into ass stuf(f)

Anyone into curvy- slutty - over 30 (f)emales?

(f)orget the buttplug. Do you like my nails?

Im waiting (f)or you in bed like this. Would you know how to treat me?

(f) would you lick me? It’s Saturday!

Can you see how sensible I am? (f)

Hi there! And feel (f)ree to not use any condom

You have to choose one to lick and the other to (f)uck. So?

Don’t (f)orget to start the day with a warm shower

I don’t wanna wake up yet… unless you give me a good reason (f)or it

My only rule is: condoms are (f)orbidden

(f)eel like look like the teen from The Ring. Do I?

Do you eat ass (f)or your own pleasure?

I want you to put my panties aside and give her a kiss (f)

Would you let me be your break(f)ast?

Goosebumps mean it’s extra sensible (f)

(f)riday night always leave me exhausted and beautiful

The good thing about no panties Tuesday is that makes a quickie much easier (f)

(f)ind this tummy sexy?

Took my panties of(f) and I’m not gonna wear them all day

Best thing to do with panties is to take them of(f)

(f)ridays I’m very happy, so here you have

(F)orget the rabbit. 2023 is the year of buttplugs

A(f)ter a really good time

It’s (F)riday so let’s get pervy

(f) this bodysuit is a bit smaller than it should, but still love using it

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