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Scarlet Starlet and she’s in my bed. A candidate for a soul mate bled (f)

Turn to my DIVINE with your pain and be healed with the connection you make (f)

Born Again Virgin Cunt for the Taking (f)

Do you believe in ghosts and love at first sight? (f)

My subconscious uses my body as a microphone ? (f)

I’ve been having Divine conversations with my shame around sex, and it’s been so healing (f)

Happy Tickled Tits Tuesday ☀️(f)

My mind is a home I’m trapped in and it’s lonely inside this mansion. (f)

Giddy Up Gone Girl ?(f)

Salty Tits & ☀️ Make Me (f)eel??

If you are intolerable, let me be the one to tolerate you. (f)

People think that intimacy is about sex, but REAL intimacy is about standing naked and speaking your truth. (f)

I sucked my ex husbands penis and told him to cum on my chest for this moment to share with you all. You’re Welcome ??✌?(f)

Instead of talk therapy, I would rather relive my past trauma to facilitate healing mysel(f).

Its hard to look at my resume, hoo, and not find a reason to toast (f) ?✌??️

Behind every gorgeous woman, there’s a stud sick of screwing her. What no one mentions is, it works both ways. (f)

To the lives we lead ⬆️ To the dreams we chase ? To the moments that we make ? And the (f)ucked up shit we can’t erase ✌?Cheers?

It’s not about having someone love me anymore. This is the experience of being an American whore.(f)

I came back from the (f)uture to take all y’all BI rds and take all y’all Blokes. ??

Oh Cinderella, there aren’t cunts like you . (f)

Valhalla, I AM BEcumming (f)

I cum (f)rom the land of ice and snow. From the midnight sun, where the beautiful springs flow ??

CUM as you are, as you were, as I want you to be (f)

My happiest place just might be over a shower head (f)

I like butt stuf(f) and I cannot lie.

I’m a 4bidden (f)ruit here 4 your pleasure <3

Charisma is charm that inspires devotion. (f)

24 hr (F)orbidden Fruit Drive-through Now Open 4 Pleasure <3

Tell me just enough to keep me on the edge of my seat, but never enough to truly reveal anything. (f)

Mani(f)esting BDE requires strength, balance, and a higher perspective with tits. Are you catching the vibe?

Legs & Brains ? are the (f)eatures I LOVE most about myself <3

Sometimes self love is allowing yoursel(f) to get messy. PERIOD.

Divine (F)eminine pleasure at your desire.

Strings out! A good lover helps relieve cramps with some gentle TLC. PERIOD. (f)

Self Love Confession <3 I popped my own cherry masturbating when I was 18 (f)

Special Delivery: Titty (f)lower Hugs <3

This Goddess still loves to feel pleasure while she sheds her (f)lower. Do you mind helping me with my string?

I’ve replaced running outside with fucking as cardio. So instead, this Goddess gets her fresh air other ways (f)

May I offer you some thing wholesome for breakfast lover? (f)

I’m a WHOLE meal if you cook for me first (f)

This Virgo is naughty by Nature ?(f)

Masturbation and Yoga are a part of my daily self care. Anyone down to try both at the same time ? (f)

Self Love Confession <3 I took my own virginity masturbating when I was 18 (f)

Ready to bend the knee (f)or this Goddess while I get ready???

That gentle smile as she waits to feel your love for her (f)

So gracious for all the new lovers and hot beings out there <3 Namaste to BEcumming our highest self(f)

This Goddess gets down on her knees to show her lover how much she craves that BDE & loves to please (f)

Appreciate my masterpiece and I’ll appreciate yours. What’s the most favorite pleasurable feature of your masterpiece other than your penis? (f)

Physical touch and acts of kindness are my love languages. What’s yours? (f)

This Goddess loves a good quickie from behind for stress relief (f).

Glistening for some loving hands to caress this Goddess (f)

I Serve ?Badass Energy With Good Ass Love ?What’s your vibe? (f)

This Virgo Goddess loves being one with nature (f)

This Goddess enjoys pleasing others with her sexual energy and is feeling gracious for all her lovers (f)

This Goddess loves to dance & shake her breasts for stress relief. She loves also loves good audience (f)

Kisses and gentle massages are mandatory worship practices for this Goddess’s Morning routine (f)

A tribute to all the horny beings. This Goddess has BEcum her highest self <3 (f)

I love BEcumming with lovers during happy baby <3 (f)

This Goddess prefers to feel her lovers in a variety of positions while she does does meditative breathing for her Queens highest pleasure (f)

What <3 SELF LOVE <3 looks like after postpartum depression and a divorce (f)

This Goddess BEcumming is about to climax on my boobs (f)

My love language is fucking and feeling pleasure from my lovers. What’s yours? (f)

This Goddess of sexual energy loves to tease her lovers (f)

This mommy feels better after a good spanking with some love from behind (f)

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