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Its been a long week , take a nap on my boobs? (f) ?

They say your body is a temple, and mine is the Temple of Aphrodite (f) ????

My kind o(f) progress pics ??

Can thicc thighs really save lives? (f) ???

Spring makes me (f)eel cheeky ????

Bend me over and pull my hair ? (F)

What would you do i(f) I was in your bed? ??

When li(f)e gives you peaches... make them bounce on your dick! Or something? How did that saying go? ????

Idk what I was doing here either ok? ? but Im sure you could cum up with a (f)ew things to do with me in a hotel room? ????

I(f) I asked nicely, would you stay in bed with me all day? ??

What your (f)riends see at the wedding you take me to vs what you see when we sneak away to bang ??? would you take me as your +1? ?

Where would you cum? ?? (f)

Happy Monday! Can you call in sick to office and come (f)uck me? ???

Wouldnt banging me be more (f)un than responding to those emails? Cum over! ???

Can you make me cream? ?? (f)

How would you (f)uck me in this hotel room?

Happy (F)riday! Any fun plans for the weekend? ???

Giving my neighbors a show ?? (f)

From a recent office trip ? what would you do to me in a hotel room i(f) I came to your city? ???

Woke up with a serious case of bed head ?? would you like some head in bed? ??? (f)

Draw me like one o(f) your French girls ??

Dive right in like a slip n slide ??? (f)

Can you help me with my squats? ?? (f)

Happy Monday perverts! ? any (f)un plans? ??

Ready (f)or a slutty Sunday ???

I might be many di(f)ferent things to many different people, but at my core I am couch potato ??? couch potato with me? ???

Where would you cum, (f)ace or titties? ???

Imagine all the trouble we could get into on this couch all weekend long... ??? (f)

Whoops, you caught me touching mysel(f) without your permission ? how will you punish me? ???

Got some Irish cream in me last night ??? (f)

Cant sleep so you wont either ??? (f)

I wonder what my legs would look like wrapped around you... ? (f)

Isnt it a lovely view (f)rom down there? ??

Getting ready (f)or a ? appointment ? care to join?

Begging (f)or it ???

Can I take a seat? ?? 29 (f)

Join me (f)or a morning workout? ???

Would you be available this morning to bend me over and bang me in (f)ront of this mirror? Looking for volunteers ??

The morning sun just hits different ☀️ how would you hit? ? 29 (f)

I need ride to school this morning, can you take me? ?? (f)

If my PhD doesnt work out, I guess Ill apply to hooters ??‍♀️ 29 (f)

Does this count as a formal invitation? ? Please RSVP below and indicate if youre cumming alone or with a guest ⬇️ 29 (f)

Can you eat all of that peach cobbler? ?? 29 (f)

Will you grab my hips and thrust deep? ?? 29 (f)

Put on a wig and pretend youre cheating on me with a blonde slut ??? 29 (f)

Use my holes ?? 29 (f)

Slide right in ?? 29 (f)

My vagina could use a second load ?? 29 (f)

Eat my peach ? 29 (f)

Happy International Womens Day! ??29 (f)

Why dont you take it off and pound my ass? ??? 29 (f)

Dreaming of springtime ? Are you dreaming of me? ? 29 (f)

Fresh out of the shower and ready for penis ?? 29 (f)

Rip off my panties and let me ride you ?? 29 (f)

Join me in my bath? ? 29 (f)

What would you do if you woke up next to me? ? 29(f)

Submissive and breedable ? 29 (f)

Spread my legs like peanut butter ?? 29 (f)

Fuck my tits? ?? 29 (f)

My eyes are up here ??? 29 (f)

Sunday mornings in bed are my favorite ?? 29 (f)

Throwback to last summer packing for a trip ?? Can you guess where I went? ? 29 (f)

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