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(F) Im really craving your fingers.

(F) Hotel mirrors are the best.

(F) Can I be your aphrodisiac?

(F) Ill be wet all the pool!

(F) Are you on my flight? Turn your AirDrop on...

(F) Spank me later?

(F) Sunday selfie to start the day.

(F) Describe me in one word...

(F) just another selfie

(F) I dont sing in the shower, I perform.

(F) Slippery when wet…

(F) Doyou want to see if my panties match my socks?

(F) Do you want to see if my panties match my socks?

(F) This is your brunch invitation.

(F) My nipples desire your lips...

(F) What’s your poison?

(F) Being sneaky by the pool.

(F) The quiet ones are always the kinkiest…

(F) I want to know when fuck me so hard I can’t walk day is…

(F) Does my office know its Titty Tuesday?

(F) Shoes speak louder than words

(F) I woke up and the first thing I wanted was you.

(F) Friday…mischief…together?

(F) I see you down there. Are you coming up?

(F) Will you kiss me all over..everywhere?


(F) Don’t worry baby, Ill be “gentle”.

(F) Full frontal Friday...are you in?

(F) Do you crave me as much as I crave you?

(F) Perfect kind of trouble.

(F) Can I be the start to your week?

(F) Good morning. ?

(F)ull Frontal Friday. Should we make this a thing?

(F) Is this overdressed for our zoom meeting?

(F) Women with dirty minds create the best experiences.

(f) Wet Wednesday. ???

(F) Take me somewhere hot.

(F) Im going to be a good girl today…but tonights is a different story.

(F) I love the morning sun on my body.

(F) Better drink your water…We arent taking any breaks.

(F) Giving a plow doesnt really go with my outfit.

(F) We can tear these off if we need to.

(F) Lean over and gently whisper dirty things in my ear.

(F) Would you give me a hand and untie me?

(F) Ready to break some rules?

(F) Even though your gone, the scent of us lingers.

(F) I don’t like being told what do… unless I’m naked.

(F) I’m trying my best to be good.

(F) It’s been a long week. Now I unwind.

(F) Could you put me on your to do list?

(F) I don’t stop when I’m tired, I stop when I’m done.

(F)inishing the bottle of wine left us in a haze

(F) It’s tease me Tuesday, now do your part.

(F) Bad decisions make great stories.

(F) When I’m good, I’m very good. When I’m bad, I’m sensational

(F) I can’t touch you but my mind can’t leave you alone.

(F) Hot bath?

(F) Let’s have a drink and be naughty

(F) Come back to bed.

(F) Will you have me one last time before we depart for the week?

(F) Laying here reviewing the spoils of last night.


(F) In red with no one to impress.

(F) Unwinding from a long week with a little stretch.

It’s tight but I can fit you in. (F)

(F) If you didn’t look up did you miss out?

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