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(F)The cutest guy in overwatch?

(F)I hope you like beholding me?

(F)Together we can do everything?

(F)Chose me?

(F)You can pull my shirt up and do whatever you want with me?

(F)I’ll cum to your rescue?

(F)Tap my lands baby?

(F)Let’s read together?

(F)I’ll play and you can eat me out?

(F)Nerf this?

(F)A petite more research before session?

(F)I swear I’m up to no good?

(F)Let me ignite your lightsaber?

(F)Let’s play a game?

(F)I’ll be there for you in a flash?

(F)Want to cuddle up together??

(F)I want to play with your poke balls?

(F)Are you “diving in”??

(F)I hope you’ll make me squirtle?

(F)Eat me like a Scooby snack?

(F)I hope I’m electrifying to you?

I’ll make you cum in a (F)lash?

(F)You can take me to the finish line?

I(F) you’re snorlax, you can you make an Earthquake in my bed?

(F)Let’s play tears of the kingdom?

(F)Want to come into my mystery machine?

(F)can I put the charmed counter on you??

(F)How do you want to do this??

(F) I have all the supplies for a fun session?

(F) I chose you?

(F) Come play tears of the kingdom with me?

(F)Wanna reach under the antman shirt??

(F)Were prepping for a special kind of session?

(F)Am I worthy of your masterball?

(F)I can be your Dm?

(F)Want to play with us??

(F)Lets play some dnd please?

(F)What should I play??

(F)I do love nerds?

(F)I hope I won’t distract you from your game?

(F)It’ll be game over for you?

(F)I’m not a monster.. you can trust me?

(F) You can press my controls?

(F)The demogorgon may have two heads, but I only want to give head to you?

(F) Use your masterball on me?

(F)Want to play with this switch??

(F) Come defeat the demogorgon with me?

(F) No peeking behind the screen?

(F) Anyone up for a game of MTG??

(F)Catch me in your master ball?

(F)Should I play Zelda or DnD today?

(F)Will you give me your sword??

(F)I want to play tears of the kingdom so bad!?

(F)I’ll read to you just like this?

(F)can I put the charmed counter on you??

(F)Would you travel to Mordor for me??

(F)Let’s play dnd together?

(F)I can carry your dice?

(F)We should make a fun dnd party?

(F)Want to join a session??

(F)Want me to read to you like this??

(F)I have all the supplies for a fun dnd session??

(F)I’ll save you??

(F)Read with me?

(F)I’m in too many campaigns.. wanna join one with just me??

(F)Reading undressed is a must?

(F)I love reading in as thin clothes as possible?

Want to play a game with a switch??(F)

(F)I’m Batman ?

(F)I rolled a nat 1.. what would you like me to do DM??

(F)Put up the bat signal and I’ll cum over?

(F)Let’s roll stats together?

(F)The lands don’t cover much?

(F)Would you let me cast a spell on you??

(F)Let’s play some MTG?

(F)Time to create a new character?

(F)I hope your wand chooses me?

(F)I hope you like green decks?

(F)I’ll save you?

(F)Struggling to find a flat surface to roll on?

I know how to wield swords?(F)

(F)Let’s cuddle under the Exandria blanket?

The (f)orce is strong with this one?

(F)You don’t need a dice bag.. you can use me?

(F)I hope you like green decks?

(F)Let me play with your wand?

(F)Let’s roll for stats?

(F)The force is strong within me?

(F)Let me lasso your?

(F)Let me unsheath your sword?

(F) Want to engage in some character creation??

(F)Let’s cuddle under the Exandria blanket and watch CR?

(F)I love playing with wands?

Which Zelda game is your favorite??(F)

(F)Will you be my commander??

(F)Can I make something rise without casting wingardium-leviosa??

(F)Let’s roll for stats?

(F)Let’s plan out a 1 on 1 session?

(F)Mtg anyone??

(F)I love playing with swords?

(F)I’m as sweet as a Chocolate frog?

(F) Do we have to cast charm person on you for you to stay??

(F)I hope it’s not a mimic?

The (F)orce flows through me.. but I’d love for something else to be flowing through me?

(F)Mind if I DM??

(F)I love licking swords?

(F)Would you rather taste me or the chocolate frog???

(F)We’re all ready for a fun dnd night?

(F)What should I play this morning??

(F)Can I handle your sword???

(F)Why don’t you slither-in under my Hogwarts blanket ?

(F)Which game should I play this morning??

(F)I hope you like my caduceus sweater?

(F)I know how to handle my swords??

(F)Would you follow me to Mordor??

(F)Want two fun treats??

(F)Which game should I play today??

(F)Anyone else seen the new Mario movie? I hope you like a little peach cosplay?

(F)I know I’m supposed to be good at finding things.. but I seem to have lost my panties?

(F)I can’t wait to get our mana flowing?

(F)Roll for initiative?

(F)Can I read on your lap??

(F)Ever played mtg with an elf??

(F)Come into my chamber of secrets?

(F)Would you battle me tonight??

(F) Want to play a game or two of MTG??

(F)What’s your favorite HP book??

(F) Let’s read our favorite books together??

I know Hufflepuffs are right next to the kitchens… but I hope you chose to eat me out instead? (F)

(F) I’ll play some hearthstone and you can distract me under the desk?

(F) I hope you don’t mind how I hold my cards?

(F) I’ll read to you while you distract me?

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