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(F) ?

(F) Good morning, have you masturbated today?

(F) Haha, if you look closely you can see some of the cum my friend left on my chest. ?

(F) Would you blow them?

(F) Insert here..

(F) Still growing things out.. 😉

(F) Gusher.. ?

(F) ?

(F) Kiss my ass? ?

(F)uzzy and ready to be filled

(F) I love waking up naked.

(F) Wet, but you can still spit on it. ?

(F) Cumming inside or no way?

(F) I need a husband so I can walk around with cum dripping down my thighs. ?

(F) Soft..

(F) Marry or one night stand?

(F) ?

(F) I would like to be worshipped, please and thank you.

(F) It’s hump day and no one’s around to hump. ?


(F) I wish I had someone here to put me right to sleep..

(F) Would you use my body?

(F) I need a dildo..

(F) ???

(F) Mm, laying in bed revealed while shopping online. I love Friday’s. ?

(F) Wouldn’t they look so much better with cum on them? I think so..

(F) ???

(F) Ready to be worshipped..

(F) Back to bald.. I still wanna grow it out a small though!

(F) You can cum wherever.

(F) Small and very, very tight.. ?

(F) Perky. ?

(F) My hole isn’t wet yet, what a shame..

(F) Should I shave or just let it grow a little? I think it’s rather cute when it’s a tiny fuzzy.. ?

(F) Cum inside or cumshot.. which are you choosing?

(F) Naked and bored.. I need something to do..

(F) What are you having for lunch?

(F) Such a shame I have no one to tease me this morning.

(F) Mm, mornings are always better naked.

(F) Naked, as usual.

(F) Breakfast, anyone?

(F) Small and easy to throw around. ?

(F) ???

(F) ???

(F) I could use some handprints..

(F) Starting off my day the way I normally do.. ?


(F) Going to lounge around and be lazy today.. naked. ?

(F) Happy Sunday, sinner. ?

(F) Insert here..

(F) Petite and breedable.

(F) Shaved and ready to be filled.

(F) Cum all over my clit, please?

(F) Juicy..

(F) Squeaky clean.

Fuzzy and oh so very cute.. (F)

(F) Can’t wait to be used.. I want your cum.

(F) Waiting for you to cum inside my aching pussy.

(F) Cum all over them..

(F) Perky and throbbing..

(F) Cum inside me..

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